Letter To The Editor: I Am A Republican And I’m Voting For Liz Cheney

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By Sandy Pedersen, Cheyenne

I am a Republican. 

I’ve been involved in Republican Politics most of my life.  My first venture was when I had my picture in the Billings Gazette baking a cake for “IKE’s” birthday fundraiser.  I registered to vote on my 18th birthday and have voted for every Republican Presidential candidate since then.  I even voted for Trump, twice. But I won’t again.

In college, I was active in the Young Republicans on campus. I’ve volunteered for many state and federal candidates over the years, such as Hathaway, Wallop, Simpson, Dick Cheney, Mead, Gordon, Craig Thomas, and Enzi and many others.  I ran the headquarters in Cheyenne for two different elections.  I was an advisor for the Young Republicans at East High School. 

Despite all of that, I am considered a “RINO” by the far-right wing of the party.  That’s right, they don’t consider me a Republican!  But I am in good company. They claim that Congresswoman Liz Cheney isn’t one either. 

Anyone can be a Republican if they want to be.  All you have to do is register as one.  Actually, anyone can be one by just saying they are. There is no law that someone can kick you out of the party just because they don’t like what you are thinking. 

Apparently the far-right doesn’t believe that it is your right as an American citizen to join any party.  Probably even the Oath Keepers let anyone who believes in them join.

Many of us are a part of the Silent Majority who are unhappy with the state party as it is today. We’ve worked for so many years for Republican principles that we feel betrayed by our state party leaders.

But the one thing we can do is VOTE!  That’s right, vote for Liz Cheney and tell all your friends to vote for her.  Shout it from the rooftops, send post cards or text messages to your friends, and post FB messages to vote for Liz Cheney.  Let the far right call you a RINO! 

We are Republicans above all else.

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