Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo Visits Wyoming; Not Likely To Tend Cattle

Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo visited Jackson on Tuesday and promoted her special western look. Wyoming outdoorspeople expressed some concern, however.

February 24, 20223 min read

Culpo 2 scaled
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

It wasn’t the first time former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo had attracted attention for wearing an interesting outfit.

The swimsuit model, who has been told by airlines to cover-up because of what attendants said was revealing attire, received national attention for wearing a revealing western outfit she promoted while visiting Jackson, Wyoming, on Tuesday.

The Daily Caller heralded the backless western top and cowboy hat combo as “the best ever”.

Wyoming outdoorspeople, though, weren’t that sure.

Noted Wyoming outdoorsman Paul Ulrich was complimentary about some aspects but expressed concern about other details.

“That’s a sharp and functional hat she has,” he said. “She is smart to go with black clothing in cold weather, as black absorbs the light that hits it and converts that light into heat.  

“I am concerned about her exposed skin,” he added. “Frostbite is nothing to mess with, just ask the Olympic Finnish cross-country skier Remi Lindholm who recently suffered a frozen penis.”

Cutouts in Culpo’s top concerned other Wyomingites as well.

Lander-based outdoorswoman Joy Bannon, who is an avid hunter and angler, said it is not likely Culpo would be tending livestock or packing horses while wearing that shirt.

“Her shirt is not wild west although it is wild in its own way,” Bannon said. “I would recommend a more snap-button down shirt that is more suited for the outdoors.”

Bannon had high praise for the rest of the ensemble, however, calling Culpo’s snip-toe cowboy boots and boot-cut jeans “sharp” and adding the model’s cowboy hat is a type often associated with outfitters in the West.

Former legislator Lori Garrison liked the hat as well and said she assumed it was beaver fur. She wondered, however, where Culpo would carry her gun. After all, it is Wyoming.

“Is the Chanel handbag their new conceal carry option? Otherwise it’s a no go,” Garrison said.

“Honestly as cold as it has been, how do those things not expand and explode?” she added.

Former Attorney General Gay Woodhouse brought up the gun thing too.

“I have no doubt that the gear will improve her aim,” she said.

As for Wyoming Equality Director Sara Burlingame, she’ll take Culpo as she is. No need to change anything.

“She would fit right in on the Wyoming Equality Trap Team,” Burlingame said. “We’re willing to waive the $45 free if Ms Culpo wants to take the next step.”

Calls to Culpo’s agent were promptly ignored.

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