John Hoak: Cheney Not Responsive, Responsible, Nor a Patriot

Sheridan reader John Hoak writes: "Ms. Cheney may well be a conservative, but she is neither a responsive & responsible representative of Wyomings voters, nor is she a patriot."

January 26, 20224 min read

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By John Hoak, Letter to the Editor

Cowboy State Daily, The Hill and other news & opinion outlets have recently run articles about the Republican primary race for Wyoming’s lone U.S. Congressional seat, articulating support for Liz Cheney and touting her conservative voting record. I write here in rebuttal.

I am a lifelong Republican voter (though long since bitterly disappointed & disenchanted with the go-along-to-get-along GOP).  I am a family man, home owner, business owner, a believer in & practitioner of traditional American values, and a lover of this great Republic as envisioned & constructed by the Founders and preserved by generations of American patriots.  (As an aside, I am not a lover of government nor worshipper of any elected official or political party or leader. 

All thinking, freedom-loving Americans should cultivate & nurture a respectful but robust skepticism of government & politicians.  That mistrust of centralized power is justified & healthy, and is embodied in the evolution & construct of our Constitution, and is critical to its successful application.)  I voted for Liz Cheney, who espouses conservative views, and whose congressional voting record, indeed, reflects ‘conservative’ values.

Ms. Cheney may well be a ‘conservative’, but she is neither a responsive & responsible representative of Wyoming’s voters, nor is she a patriot.  By placing her own personal views & agenda ahead of voters’ clearly-expressed wishes and the best interests of the nation, she has betrayed her constituency, Wyoming’s majority and betrayed her country. 

Though Donald Trump and his America-first agenda were strongly supported and his presidential initiatives & accomplishments heartily applauded by Wyoming voters, Ms. Cheney vindicated her personal agenda by joining the America-hating Left in voting to impeach the President – in the absence of any credible evidence to support charges.  It is unequivocally established that impeachment charges were false and were based upon false information & a criminally-corrupted investigation & trial. 

In a stunning misappropriation of power, the impeachment charade was contrived & prosecuted by Trump’s political opposition to cripple the Trump presidency and advance Leftist/Democrat interests … with Ms. Cheney’s proud, petulant & very public support.  Ms. Cheney sanctimoniously ignored the views, values & aspirations of her Wyoming constituency, thus betraying voters’ trust.  Her persistent, public attacks on Trump also enabled the Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Sanders-‘Squad’ Democrat party to consolidate control of federal power and launch a very dangerous, destructive far-left agenda.

Following the chaotic 2020 Presidential election, in which there was manifest legitimate evidence of widespread election irregularity – virtually none of which was investigated – Ms. Cheney continued her pursuit of a personal vendetta against Trump, in contemptuous defiance of her constituents’ wishes, by cementing her alliance with the Left in very-publically joining, supporting & co-chairing the fraudulent & politically-motivated January 6th Commission. 

(A full discussion of this illegal, illegitimate diversionary fake-outrage is beyond the scope of this brief opinion piece, but suffice to say that there was no such congressional hysteria or focus on the 1983 Leftist-insurrectionist-terrorist bombing of the U.S. Senate [1983 United States Senate bombing | Military Wiki | Fandom], nor on the 2017 shooting at a Congressional recreation event [James T. Hodgkinson: Bernie Sanders supporter, strongly anti-Trump | CNN].)

Wyoming’s voters strongly support conservative values & policies and originalist Constitutional limited governance.  By a 70% vote in 2020, Wyoming rejected the Democrat-Left’s platform & presidential candidate, and supported Mr. Trump and his record & vision for America.  Ms. Cheney, nevertheless, continued her attack on Trump, and aligned herself with the Left, not only arrogantly thumbing her nose at the great majority of Wyoming’s voters, but also helping to empower & legitimize the far-Left-dominated Democrat party, which is now, by any objective measure, systematically destroying Wyoming & America.

No responsible, responsive legislator supplants the views of voters with their own, contradicting & contravening constituents’ will, and no patriot aids & abets a movement bent on the destruction of the nation’s very foundations.  Ms. Cheney has repeatedly done both.

I have urged Ms. Cheney to resign, but it will doubtless be left to voters to force her out of office and replace her with a public servant who will exercise the voters’ will to the benefit of Wyoming & America.


John Hoak

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