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When heating or cooling our homes and businesses, we want to know that the power providing those services is reliable and will be there when we need it. Energy heats our homes, especially during these snowy and cold winter months; our energy resources are critical.

Renewable energy certainly has its critics, especially in Wyoming. However, we need all sources of energy that we can get. Solar energy is highest during the day, whereas Wyoming’s wind energy tends to peak at night. This cyclical structure allows these energy sources to provide a consistent balance for the others in our state.

Fossil fuels and nuclear plants are generally available around the clock. But the whole picture is that these systems complement renewable energy and integrate well. By analyzing different resource mixes, renewable energy’s predictability works well with other energy sources, providing power reliably when utility companies expect them to be online and operating.

Local utilities and electric cooperatives provide reliable power. Their goal for all energy production is to keep the lights on, keep businesses in operation, and keep homes heated. It is a highly risk-averse industry, and they have figured out how to meet their reliability needs by utilizing renewable and fossil generation sources. Currently, 10% of Wyoming’s power is from renewable sources, and in 2020 renewables provided over 20% of America’s energy production.

When you think about dependability, there needs to be a balance of supply and demand. With an “all-of-the-above” strategy for energy, Wyoming ensures the reliability of all its energy resources, including wind and solar. At the same time, it also maintains its status as THE energy leader.

Wyoming is the energy state. By ensuring renewables like wind and solar are part of the mix, we safeguard our economy, our legacy industry and power the nation through a portfolio of products that provide power to the grid.

Renewables are a critical piece to the entire energy portfolio in Wyoming – powering our state and country.

Learn more about how renewables like wind and solar play an important role in our energy grid and reliability here https://youtu.be/R7do5pjNU3g.

Learn more about the wind industry in Wyoming, stay informed on news, legislative actions, and what you can do to support all-of-the-above energy by visiting poweringupwyoming.org.

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