SPONSORED CONTENT: As Approval Plummets, More People Choose Distance From Biden Administration; “I Didn’t Vote For Him”

SPONSORED CONTENT: Approval ratings for the Biden Administration, particularly for the Commander-in-Chief song with V.P. Harris has fallen drastically since the duo took office in January.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

December 20, 20215 min read

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Approval ratings for the Biden Administration, particularly for the Commander-in-Chief song with V.P. Harris has fallen drastically since the duo took office in January.

In the V.P. Harris camp resignation seems to be the new dance move, waltzing right out the door. Meanwhile president Biden is referring to, “President Harris” so indeed it is a volatile and confusing situation.

Maybe the well of forgiveness for mistakes is running dry with mainstream media as we are now witnessing a shift where even typically friendly and sympathetic CNN is embracing a pivot in an attempt to take a hard line on what they are reporting. 

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That’s where we all need to remember the First Amendment – something those of us in the media hold near, dear and sacred.

The First Amendment to the Bill of Rights is your guarantee of freedom of speech and expression, a free and fair press, and the right to peaceably assemble, exercise your faith in a way you see fit as an American, and you are given the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. 

After reading the paragraph above, do you feel like your First Amendment rights are in jeopardy?

If so, you’re not alone. 

The mission of Stick the 1st is simple: “To provide high quality stickers to Americans to boldly represent their freedom of speech. Our focus revolves around the 1st Amendment, which is the very first article in our constitution. Our team wholeheartedly supports the Constitution and is on a secondary mission to provide education to all Americans of their God given rights. To accomplish both missions, we send a copy of an original-looking Constitution with the 1st ten articles signed by our founding fathers to every new customer.”

Their stickers send a clear and concise message to any viewer.

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After all, the movement we are witnessing is in response to and literally arises from “fake news” — a reporter misreporting what an anti-Biden crowd was saying.

The very moment that encapsulated everything that many conservatives find wrong with the President’s media enablers, who they believe lie to cover for him.

Face it, “Let’s go Brandon!” mocks not just Biden, but pro-Biden media bias.

And if for no better reason, it’s funny.

People are using it in hilarious ways and with a professional high-quality sticker made in Wyoming you are elevated echelons above the cardboard sign made with a Sharpie! 

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