Letter to the Editor: Dan Brophy — Vaccine Mandates – The Appalling Evidence Of Deaths And Injuries

Reader Dan Brophy writes: "Today, Wyoming should have in place strong  legislation protecting our citizens from the harm and abuses of vaccine mandates. Many other states have taken this step. Our state could not."

December 12, 20218 min read

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Dan Brophy: Vaccine mandates – the appalling evidence of deaths and injuries

By Dan Brophy, Letter to the Editor

Governor Gordon and the Wyoming legislature had the opportunity last month in special session to ensure personal medical liberty. Today, Wyoming should have in place strong  legislation protecting our citizens from the harm and abuses of vaccine mandates. Many other states have taken this step. Our state could not.

The Governor did not lead. Good bills sponsored by faithful conservative legislators were amended into poisonous text which nullified their original intent. A small group of influential Republican legislators, assisted by Democrats, made sure we are not protected from vaccine tyranny. The bill that passed is limited in scope and weak.

Wyomingites now must live with the consequences. What are they? Look at the link to the VAERS (CDC reporting) website as of December 3: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/cdc-vaers-3rd-shot-teens-deaths-injuries-covid-vaccines/. 946,000 adverse events, 151,000 serious injuries reported. 19,886 documented deaths. Tens of thousands of serious, life-threatening injuries including paralysis, heart attacks, pericarditis, myocarditis. In current news, vaccinated children falling dangerously ill; dozens of vaccinated professional athletes throughout the world collapsing with heart problems as they exert themselves in their sport 

Why is this appalling evidence suppressed by the US medical establishment and a complicit media? Why was it ignored in Cheyenne? Ordinary people like us, without the background to know where to look, must search hard to find it. The statistics are almost certainly worse – VAERS reports are backlogged, and reporting is NOT mandatory in the first place. This certainly means many more deaths and injuries than reported today have taken place.

Prior to now, no drug in US history would remain in use for even a few weeks with this record of harm to its recipients. Over the years, new drugs have been withdrawn after just a few deaths or adverse reactions. Today, federal authorities who say nothing about the dismal history of deaths and injuries, propose to force vaccination on us. They do not tell us that the vaccines were designed for a virus that has mutated to the point it no longer exists. They use their executive and regulatory power to maneuver us into an impossible position with no practical choice. Comply at risk of your health, or lose your job and suffer various other forms of discrimination and ostracism.

It could not be more clear: the Biden administration, the FDA, CDC, NIH and other bureaucracies, are determined to force these vaccines irreversibly into our bodies, even as they deliberately ignore ominous problems. What happened to the “informed” part of “informed consent”? Thousands of doctors and medical experts, obligated by training and their Hippocratic oath, have abandoned us. Medical boards threaten license revocations against doctors who step outside rigid CDC treatment protocols. Political bureaucrats like Fauci justify their tyranny as protecting a higher interest, collective community health. Individually, we are of no concern to them. The terrifying history of these vaccines means nothing to them.

We are supposed to accept without question or protest the claim that the vaccines “protect us”. Yet the medical community knows the vaccines do not protect any of us from infection, nor from transmitting Covid to others. Thousands of vaccinated people are becoming reinfected and dying. Why don’t public health officials broadcast this essential information? Could it be today’s vaccines are designed for the original virus that has mutated so much it no longer exists? As one clever physician stated, “if the vaccines work, why aren’t they working?”

Factually, the Covid vaccines are not vaccines in any traditional sense. They are gene therapies, designed to attenuate the illness – unlike other vaccines (polio, smallpox, diphtheria, etc. which actually prevent the associated diseases. They are literally experimental medical technology with no history, now being tested real time on hundreds of millions of Americans and billions worldwide. 

Mandates make us lab rats for vaccine makers and their government sponsors, granting us the same liberty of choice afforded to lab rats – none. Mandates put us at risk for our jobs, for access to routine activities of daily life, and based on the statistics, randomly at risk for our lives. Get vaccinated, or else your family doesn’t eat.

Early on in this pandemic (April, 2020), my family decided we wanted outpatient therapies to try to avoid hospitalization.  We did extensive research and realized one therapy already had a promising history – the hydroxychloroquine regimen or “cocktail” (HCQ, Azithromycin, zinc) developed by a French doctor and quickly deployed with astonishing success by a handful of American physicians. In a conversation with a family physician, an internist with an internationally prominent hospital system, I asked if he would be willing to prescribe the cocktail. I sent him news articles and research papers. There were no vaccines available, nor were there established treatment protocols in US hospitals – including his own with its distinguished reputation. Why not evaluate the one existing therapy?

Initially, he agreed to prescribe the HCQ  cocktail if any of us got sick. A month later, he informed us that he could not. At the time, there were still no other alternative therapies (e.g. ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies which have since been proven successful). I challenged him, saying “then what will you be able to do for us if one of us gets sick?”  He’s a fine doctor, an ethical and caring physician. He struggled to reply but had no choice: “we will bring you into the hospital”. I said “what then?” He said “if you get worse, we will admit you into the ICU; then if you deteriorate, put you on a ventilator.” He and I both knew he had described what amounts to non-treatment – drastic reactive intervention amounting to a possible death sentence. The conversation progressed and he admitted that if he prescribed the HCQ cocktail, he “could be demoted, fired, removed from his position.” He had no choice.  His bosses forbade any therapy prior to hospitalization. The management of the hospital system never looked into the success of the doctors treating patients with the cocktail.

I discovered subsequently that federal law prohibit use of any experimental vaccine if effective therapies exist (minute 37),  It’s obvious that FDA banning HCQ, ivermectin and other therapies (and discouraging all experimentation) provides the justification for mass vaccinations “because there is no other choice” – even though there are many choices. Follow the money to the corporate headquarters of Big Pharma. Draw your own conclusions – now you know mine.

You are probably like us – we have many friends who have requested but been refused prophylactic prescriptions for HCQ and ivermectin. Some got sick and have been hospitalized, some of those died in hospital. Every single person we know who died was isolated from all outside contact by brutal hospital policies, and untreated with any therapies other than the drastic Fauci-prescribed protocols (generally, remdesivir and intubation on a ventilator). More recently, many hospitals now infuse corticosteroids and monoclonal antibodies which are, for the most part, effective. But these must be administered earlier in the disease progression, not later.

You will not find any public health official recommending prophylactics to keep you out of hospital, or early treatment (outpatient) therapeutics. If you don’t know otherwise, you would assume there are none. Public health authorities will not acknowledge the success many doctors have had with early outpatient therapies.

They never mention even the simplest precautionary therapies at home, like taking ionophores (Quercitin), zinc, Vitamins D and C. The incredible documented declines in Covid deaths from widespread use of ivermectin in India and Japan are of no concern to arrogant American medical bureaucrats, who have spurned their sacred Hippocratic oath to “do no harm”. To them, HCQ and ivermectin are “voodoo medicine”. These savage people feign concern about our welfare, but they use their power with no compunction to assure that American must struggle to the drugs through restricted, limited medical back channels.

Don’t think we don’t take Covid seriously. I had it and was briefly hospitalized. I now have natural immunity (which the CDC does not even study!). I have a rare auto-immune disease which greatly amplified the effects of Covid. It’s years too early for medicine to know the reaction my body might have to a Covid vaccine. I fear death if I am forced into vaccination, and nobody can prove my fear wrong. I will never get the vaccine.

We have many friends who have willingly been vaccinated. Some of those friends know vaccinated people who have been reinfected and died. Recently, other friends have noted the horrifying evidence of injuries and now will refuse any booster shots. Others are happy to take boosters. These are their choices. We believe they have this right, just as we have the right to refuse vaccination.

Why did Governor Gordon and Wyoming lawmakers put us at the mercy of medical tyrants? Why did they not protect our essential liberties? Good questions. ASK THEM.

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