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By Jen Kocher, Cowboy State Daily

These cats need help!

The Kindness Ranch outside of Hartville is looking for foster homes for five cats with special needs who were used primarily for vaccine research and need special care and medical attention to fully thrive.

The sanctuary will cover the cost of all medical care and will also help with food.  

Interested in giving these sweet cats a temporary – or permanent – home?

The Kindness Ranch provides home and rehabilitation for lab test animals who would otherwise be euthanized at the end of their medical research.

For more information about these and other animals, contact John Ramer and his staff at or (307) 735 – 4177. Due to the remote nature of location, email works best.

Sugar-13 years old : Needs a special diet

Mandy-13 years old: Needs a special diet
Wyatt-11 years old: Needs a special diet
Jupiter-5 years old: Urination/marking issues
Morton-11 years old. Needs to be an only cat, may pee and poop on things

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