Cheyenne Police & Watchful Citizens Thwart Puppy Thieves

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By Jimmy Orr, Cowboy State Daily

Take that, bad guys!

The Cheyenne Police Department on Tuesday announced its officers thwarted puppy thieves this weekend when an alert resident let them know that dogs were being sold out of a vehicle in a parking lot of a local business.

While such activity is not illegal, it is suspicious behavior. And since there were reports of puppies being stolen from a northern Colorado home filed already, officers were dispatched to the area.

When law enforcement arrived at the scene, the vehicle believed to be involved — a black Dodge truck — was gone. 

But good fortune was shining on the puppies as another officer spotted the vehicle in a different location and pulled the driver over.

The dogs matched the description of the stolen puppies and they were safely returned to their owner.

Residents are crediting witness Desiray Serrano, another Cheyenne local, for alerting the police.

“She was the one who caught it and called the police,” Sabine Livingston wrote on the Cheyenne Police Department’s Facebook page.  “Thank you for your watchful eye and jumping into action!”

Angie Pardue, a friend of the owner of the puppies, said the owners were thankful to both Serrano and the Cheyenne Police Department for the return of their dogs.

“The pups were excited to be reunited with all our critters, but you can see them here with their dad, happy to be home. You all reignited my faith that good people still exist, and our hearts are forever grateful,” Pardue said.

“I never thought we would see them again, and to all the people who took pictures, called in the location of them, and helped the officers and dispatchers do their jobs, I can’t thank you all enough,” she said.

The police department said investigations into the theft are ongoing.  

Police spokesperson Alex Farkas has not responded to a question on whether any arrests were made.

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