Liz Cheney Parodied On Saturday Night Live For Not Being A Republican

Wyoming's Congresswoman Liz Cheney was spoofed on Saturday Night Live for no longer being recognized as a Republican by the Wyoming GOP.

Jimmy Orr

November 21, 20213 min read

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If you didn’t stay up to watch it (or no longer consider the program worth your time), Liz Cheney appeared on Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

Not the real Cheney but one that appeared close enough. Closer than Will Ferrell’s impersonation of Janet Reno, anyway — although the signature blue dress was similar (but smaller).

The fake Cheney appeared on a fake game show called “Republican Or Not” — where people appeared on the program and voiced clues to help contestants determine if they were a member of the GOP or not.

The clues were purposely difficult. Like one individual stated they thought Facebook was evil.

“Because they’re spreading disinformation or because they banned Donald Trump?” one contestant asked.

Another person said her motto was “My body, my choice.”

That stumped the contestants again. “She’s talking about vaccines, right?” the contestant asked.

And the gag continued with clues that could be taken either way.

Then came out fake Liz Cheney

“I’m a congresswoman from Wyoming. I’m endorsed by the NRA and I have an 80% rating from the American Conservative Union,” fake Liz Cheney said.

When no one buzzed in to guess, the host mentioned that Liz was the daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney.

Obvious, right?

Not to the contestants who thought it might be a trick.

Fake Cheney had enough and announced she was a Republican.

“Republican,” a contestant announced after activating his buzzer. “She just said she was a Republican.”

“No,” the host said. “Sorry, that is wrong.”

“How?” the contesant asked.

“The Wyoming Republican Party actually voted Representative Cheney out of the party this week for opposing Donald Trump,” he said.

That, of course, is true. Last week, the Wyoming GOP Central Committee, by a vote of 31-29, voted to no longer recognize Cheney as a Republican.

Fake Cheney protested and demanded she be recognized as a Republican.

The host laughed and said Cheney may tell people that but it’s “not what other Republicans say.”

“Like it or not, you are the Rachel Donezal of the Republican Party,” the host said, referring to a white woman who misrepresented her race.

Fake Cheney tried to fight back but to no avail.

“See you on MSNBC in about a week,” the host said.

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