Wyoming Animal Rescue Ranch Looking For Halloween Pumpkins As Exotic Treats

The Kindness Animal Ranch is asking for Halloween pumpkins to share with their rescue animals as exotic treats.

November 04, 20212 min read

Beagle taylor scaled

Not sure how to get rid of your Halloween pumpkin? John Ramer at the Kindness Ranch will be happy to share it with the dozens of pigs, goats and beagles occupying the 1,200-acre animal sanctuary.

The animals don’t often get such exotic treats, said the executive director of the ranch north of Hartville.

“Pumpkins tend not to be a common thing at the sanctuary,” Ramer said, adding that the more than 100 four-legged animals at the ranch appreciate new experiences that help keep their minds – and stomachs – fulfilled.

But pumpkins for beagles? Ramer said the gourds will provide new smells for the beagles he recently adopted from a medical testing facility.

Along those lines, Ramer reported that the beagles — some of more than 100 adopted from the facility — are coming along nicely. The dogs are being socialized by the ranch’s staff and will likely be ready for adoption by the end of the year, he said.

Along with the other dogs and other animals, the Kindness Ranch also has several cats available for adoption. Like the other animals at the sanctuary, these felines that once were housed at product or medical testing facilities now live in the sprawling cat house overseen by their caretakers.

In honor of Elderly Cat Month, Ramer wanted to feature two residents, Felix and Mildred, who are looking for new homes.

“Felix is a very special senior kitty looking for a special home of his own,” his caretaker Lori wrote, “and prefers the company of adults and would like to be the only pet in the home.”

Mildred is 13 years old and is as sweet as can be, her caretaker said. 

“You can often catch Mildred sitting on the edge of our bench, staring up at you and gently tapping you with her paw to let you know it’s time for pets.”

Anyone wishing to drop off a pumpkin or tour the ranch can do so, Ramer said. The Kindness Ranch is open Monday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call (307) 735-4177 or go to www.kindnessranch.org

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