Wyoming Car Industry Vet Says Kanye’s Vehicles At Online Auction Currently A Good Deal

One Wyoming car industry veteran said the current prices on Kanye West's vehicle auction are a good deal.

Wendy Corr

November 03, 20213 min read

Kanye vehicles

If you’re looking for a used vehicle and like the idea of a celebrity having owned it previously, then Kanye West’s Wyoming fleet may be of interest.

Now that West — or “Ye” as he calls himself now — is leaving Cody, he’s decided to put six of his vehicles that he used on his ranch up for auction.

Scott Roybal, a city councilman in Cheyenne, who has worked in the car industry for 30-plus years, said the prices — as they currently stand — are a good deal.

Of course, that may change as the auction doesn’t end until November 23.  But until then, prices are good, he said.

Up for grabs include a 2016 Ford F-350, a 2017 Ford F-250, a 2018 Ford F-150 Raptor, a 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor, a 2020 Ford Expedition XLT Max, and a 2020 Ford Expedition Limited Stealth edition.

“The ‘17 Ford is bid at $36,750 – actually I can see these on a lot at probably somewhere around that $40,000-$42,000 range,” Roybal said.

He said the Ford Expeditions are currently bidding at far-below market value and the two Ford F-150 Raptors are tracking fairly close to what they would normally sell for. 

But on the whole, the auction is starting out on the low side, he said — which is surprising given the state of the industry.

“With the car market the way it is right now and with [car dealers] not being able to secure a lot of new cars, the used car market has kind of exploded,” he said.

As for the vehicles being owned by Kanye, it didn’t impress him. It’s the condition of the vehicle that matters.

“They might be worth less because they were owned by Kanye,” he said.

The auction house would probably disagree with that.

Mark Musser, of Musser Brother Auctions in Cody, said there’s been “a lot of interest” in these vehicles.

“The phone’s been ringing off the hook, and a lot of emails and a lot of other inquiries. We’re getting thousands of visits per day,” Musser said.

Even at the moment he was on the phone with Cowboy State Daily, Musser said 120 people were on the website looking at the vehicles.

Originally, West sold the vehicles back to Fremont Motors in Cody where he originally purchased them. Musser then came up with the idea to auction them instead.

“Right after I saw that Fremont Motors had those vehicles, I approached the general manager at Fremont and I said, ‘Hey, these would make a great auction just because of the history behind these vehicles,’” Musser said.

Musser said his guess is as good as anyone’s regarding the prices the vehicles will bring when the auction closes in three weeks.

“I have no guess where this thing’s going to land when it’s all said and done,” he said.

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