Josh Allen Appears On Peyton and Eli’s Monday Night Football Show

Josh Allen credits his ability to play in cold weather to his experience in Laramie and he looks forward to jumping onto a table "from the top ropes" after a Super Bowl victory.

Jimmy Orr

November 02, 20213 min read

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We learned a lot about former University of Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen on Monday night.

Appearing on “Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli” featuring brothers Peyton and Eli Manning, we learned that Allen credits his ability to play in the cold Buffalo weather to his time in Laramie, he may assault a table in a parking lot like so many Bills’ fans and he doesn’t mind that Peyton’s son wears an Allen jersey — not a Manning one.

Allen held up well on the three-hour improv show, which showcases the weekly Monday Night Football game as seen through the eyes of the Manning brothers. Although the focus of the show is reportedly the game, the guests get easily distracted and talk about many other things.

The never-ending diversions are what makes the show fun to watch, as when Peyton chided Josh for his son’s refusal to wear a Manning jersey on his youth football team.

“My son’s name is Manning. It’s my name, it’s my dad’s name. I’d like him to put Manning on the back of his jersey. Instead, he puts J. Allen. Tell me how to interpret that and will you please tell him that’s not a nice way to treat his father,” Peyton said.

Allen responded by saying if Manning’s son was throwing to any teammates with the last names of Bills’ receivers on their jerseys — like Stephon Diggs or Cole Beasley — then it’s a team thing.

“No, no, it’s just him,” Peyton said while Eli watched, laughing. “Everyone else had their normal names.”

“I don’t know what to tell you there,” Allen said smiling.

Then Eli stepped in and mocked Peyton on another topic. Notably, it was the first week where Eli did not make a joke about Peyton’s forehead.

As for the time-honored tradition of usually drunk Bills’ fans jumping onto tables (and breaking them) in Buffalo’s parking lot before game-time, Allen said he would do it, but only after winning a Super Bowl.

“As long as we get to the [Super Bowl] parade, maybe I’ll jump off the top rope on the bus,” Allen said while Eli and Peyton were laughing at a video of a Bills’ fan who set himself on fire and then jumped on a plastic table, thus destroying it.

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