Cheney Slams Democrats’ “Dangerous” Spending During Wyoming TV Appearances

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney discussed the potential devastation of congressional Democrats' "dangerous" spending on Wyoming this week with two state media outlets.

Ellen Fike

October 06, 20213 min read

Cheney on Wyoming News Now
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney discussed the potential devastation of congressional Democrats’ “dangerous” spending on Wyoming this week with two state media outlets.

Cheney appeared on Wyoming News Now and Good Morning Wyoming on Tuesday to discuss the $1 trillion infrastructure bill and the discussions about raising the nation’s debt ceiling.

“I think, ultimately, [the Democrats will] cobble something together, and, unfortunately, though, [the infrastructure bill] really is going to be full of wasteful spending, bad tax policy, new regulations, a whole range of things that are not going to be good for us here in Wyoming,” Cheney said on Good Morning Wyoming.

The bill was originally proposed at $2 trillion, but Congress could not seem to come to an agreement on that proposal, cutting it down by $1 trillion.

The new infrastructure bill will include upgrades to roads, railways and bridges, a broadband improvement, upgrading water systems and even providing electric school buses to school districts across the nation, according to CNN.

Cheney said Wyoming residents would “certainly” see tax increases and new policies that would affect things such as estate and death taxes with the infrastructure bill.

“I think you’ll see a real expansion of the role of the government in our lives,” Cheney said. And you couple all of this with the Democrats [proposing] these massive new spending programs, and now they also have to raise the debt limit. I think the debt limit’s got to be raised within the next two weeks in order to be able to borrow the money they need to fund all these new spending programs, and it’s really just an irresponsible way to do business and really bad policy as well.”

On Wyoming News Now, Cheney had a shorter appearance, but covered similar topics.

“The spending that we’re seeing is so significant and so huge and comes at a moment where it will fundamentally restructure our economy, fundamentally restructure the relationship between the government and individuals in a way that’s very negative,” she said. “I would hope that it would cause some reflection for people to say, ‘We can’t afford this level of spending.’ And it’s not good for the country, and it’s not good for our freedoms. It’s not good for our constitutional rights to have the federal government play such an expansive role in terms of this massive overreach that these bills will entail.”

President Joe Biden proposed a $2 trillion infrastructure bill earlier this year, but many Republicans, including U.S. Sen. John Barrasso, were outspoken in their opposition to it because of a perceived lack of focus on “traditional” infrastructure such as roads, bridges and waterways.

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Ellen Fike