Jim Hicks: Yellow Leaves And Wisdom From Old Bad News . . .

Columnist Jim Hicks writes: "Everyone knows we are fast approaching the time of year when we can wake up to 14 inches of wet snow and yards full of downed tree branches. Just because it hit 90 last week is no guarantee."

Jim Hicks

September 09, 20214 min read

Devils tower autumn scaled
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

The Bench Sitters always seem to be among the first to spot a few yellow leaves showing up in the tops of some of the cottonwood trees around town, and the next topic of conversation soon drifts to when the first freeze of the fall season will nip all the gardens.

Everyone knows we are fast approaching the time of year when we can wake up to 14 inches of wet snow and yards full of downed tree branches. Just because it hit 90 last week is no guarantee.

But fall is here and Wyoming Cowboy fans were all smiles after their team won a close battle with Montana State with some fourth quarter heroics.

Now if they can just start playing some offense in the first half of a game . . .

Denver Bronco fans are waiting until next Sunday to see their team open against the New York Giants.  This week Denver was a 2.5 point favorite to win their opener.

But around the village we are starting to find a lot of Buffalo Bill fans too. Their loyalty migrated to that team when former UW quarterback Josh Allen became a franchise player with the Bills.

And those who follow that team have learned he is a respected team leader. Many will not forgive John Elway for failing to see his qualities and drafting him for the Broncos.

Good weather on a Labor Day weekend brings out a frantic effort for most locals to enjoy every moment of that last bit of summer recreation.  We saw boats loading up with water ski and fishing equipment, golfers competing for the best tee-times and popular mountain camping and picnic spots at a premium.

Meanwhile back down on the Main drag this week we overheard a local resident complaining about the driving habits of his neighbor who is “getting along in years”. 

“This guy has had two bypass surgeries, a hip replacement, one new knee, survived prostate cancer, wears two hearing aids and his eye glasses are usually so dirty you can’t tell if he’s awake or asleep,” he said.

“My neighbor takes a dozen different medications, admits some of them make him dizzy and his wife knows he’s subject to blackouts and moments of dementia.”

“He has outlived most of his friends, and can’t remember if he’s 86 or 88.

“But he told me this week he could prove he was OK because the state had given him a “Pioneer Driver’s License.”

“I just didn’t have the heart to tell him that was a “Pioneer fishing license.”

And we have to complain about all the smoke from the California fires again. Have we only had four days when we could see the peaks of the Bighorns in the last two months?  It sure seems that way.

The only benefit we have heard about this problem came from a local who’s wife has had him on a “lose weight and improve health” program. 

“I like it when I can complain the smoke make me cough too much and can’t take the daily two-mile hike on the Clear Creek trail,” he said.

Before we close this note out we need to quote one comments from Old
Bad News.  He never disappoints us with some negative stuff each week.

Talking about this summer’s weather he said, “I’ve got to get my life together! This summer’s heat and smoke have made me certain I don’t want to go to hell.”

We are hoping you had a great weekend and are able to keep smiling.

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Jim Hicks