Wyoming Fall Foliage With Pinedale’s Dave Bell

Pinedale's Dave Bell is one of the best photographers in the nation. Today he shows, in the words of Bob Seger, that "Autumn is closing in..."

Jimmy Orr

September 08, 20212 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Pinedale’s Dave Bell is one of the best photographers in the nation. Wyoming is fortunate to call him her son.

Anyone who follows Dave on Facebook gets greeted by spectacular images of the Cowboy State. He reminds us how fortunate we are to call Wyoming our home.

Today, Dave’s new book arrived in the mail. “COVID Through the Lens: 2020 Photography Yearbook” is more than 200 pages of beautiful Wyoming imagery.

It might have been the year of COVID but you’d never know it by looking at the images in his book.

He reminds us through written word what was going on in the country but he contrasts the year with the splendor of Wyoming’s outdoors.

Introducing the month of April, Dave writes: “The quarantines began across the country in April. We recorded literally six weeks where things were mostly at a standstill across this great land of ours. This was uncharted territory for the USA, and the world, in a modern, instant communication world of 24-hour news and social media. But, I enjoyed some incredible photo safaris with my wife out in our rural countryside with the Wyoming landscapes and wildlife.”

No better place to do that in the Cowboy State. After all the “old” joke in Wyoming is that we’ve been social distancing for more than 100 years.

Dave told us that we could use his photography on Cowboy State Daily. How could we turn down that offer?

Today, we’re using four of his shots he took on Tuesday morning. They show just how fast Autumn is coming. Or as Bob Seger wrote: “With Autumn closing in…”

Writes Dave: “Cottonwood Quick Trip. I enjoyed another red sunrise this morning, but today I was on North Cottonwood Creek. Fall is rapidly arriving. The willows are turning yellow as is the underbrush. The aspens are beginning to change, and when that begins, it happens quickly. Another beautiful morning, but awfully smoky. With the sun to my back I was able to cut through the haze and capture early light on Triple Peak./djb”

By the way, to order Dave’s fantastic book, click here.

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