Gordon Says He Strongly Opposes Federal Vaccine Mandates

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon told Cowboy State Daily that he will "strongly oppose" any federal vaccine mandate.

Ellen Fike

August 24, 20212 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Gov. Mark Gordon is joining one of his Republican colleagues in voicing opposition to any potential federal vaccine mandates.

Through a spokesman, Gordon told Cowboy State Daily on Tuesday that any sweeping vaccine mandates would be overreach by the federal government.

“The governor has consistently opposed government vaccine mandates,” spokesman Michael Pearlman told Cowboy State Daily on Tuesday.

“A sweeping vaccine mandate would be an example of overreach by the federal government and shows a lack of regard for both individual rights and local control. The governor strongly opposes such actions,” he said.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem on Monday said she would fight President Joe Biden’s administration in the event he implemented a federal mandate.

“If President Biden illegally mandates vaccines, I will take every action available under the law to protect South Dakotans from the federal government,” Noem said on her social media account on Monday afternoon.

Montana has banned vaccine mandates for employment, saying it is discrimination, according to the Associated Press.

Wyoming health officer Dr. Alexia Harrist reaffirmed in a statement on Monday that there would be no vaccine mandates for Wyoming students returning to school, something Gordon told news reporters last week during a call.

“While there will be no state vaccine mandate in Wyoming, we know promoting vaccination among eligible students, school staff, family members and throughout our communities can help schools stay open and vibrant as well as help keep students and their teachers in the classroom,” Harrist said. “An additional benefit to COVID-19 vaccination is that individuals who are fully vaccinated and identified as close contacts do not need to quarantine, which can be helpful in the school setting.”

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Ellen Fike