Ray Hunkins: Close And Seal The Border…. Now!

Columnist Ray Hunkins writes: "Several illegal crossers apprehended already this year have been on the Terrorist Watch List. The nationality of illegal crossers has not been limited to Mexico and those countries in Central America."

Ray Hunkins

August 17, 20213 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

The Afghanistan Catastrophe is Linked With the Border Crisis

   The latest reporting on Border crossings reveals that well over 200,000 “encounters” occurred in the month of July. That’s the headline. “Encounters” are contacts between Border Patrol and illegal border crossers.

   Even more disturbing and potentially dangerous, is the estimate of “got- a-ways.” They are those illegal crossers that did not want to turn themselves over to the Biden Administration’s equivalent of what has functionally become the “Welcome Wagon” – The U.S. Border Patrol. Why not join the thousand who are coming across, being processed and then given a ticket to somewhere in the interior of our Nation? There is only one reason.

   The “got-a-ways do not want contact with law enforcement, even law enforcement that has been, by reason of the administration’s policy, emasculated. Why? Because these are folks up to no good. They could be drug runners, gang members, or human traffickers. Or, they could be terrorists. Several illegal crossers apprehended already this year have been on the Terrorist Watch List. The nationality of illegal crossers has not been limited to Mexico and those countries in Central America. They have been identified from every continent, including Africa and the Middle East.

   Sunday, Kabul fell to the Taliban, former hosts of Osama Bin Laden and his merry band of 9-11 plotters. The jails in Kabul were emptied. CNN reported that the detention facility at our recently surrendered Bagram Air Base, filled with Al Qaida and a few ISIS, was breached and the prisoners released.

The Taliban now control Afghanistan and dedicated, America hating terrorists are free to plan and plot attacks against the Homeland. Our enemies, most notably, Iran, China and Russia, have been given a gift – expendable fighters willing to bring their talents to our borders.

   The images and concerns about rescuing Americans and allies from Taliban retribution, are distracting from the ongoing Border crises. But, the two are linked.

   We now have what can only be described as an “open Border.” In fact, all of our borders are “open” because Border Patrol agents from the Border with Canada and those patrolling both coasts, have been posted to the Southern Border to help process the overwhelming number of border crossers, estimated to exceed over one million to date this fiscal year – and, the number is growing every month.

   The catastrophe that is our Border with Mexico is no secret. Thanks to satellite television, the whole world knows about the open U.S. Border, certainly including those who would do us harm.

   The open border and the chaos in Afghanistan, when linked with the perception that the leadership of the U.S. Government is weak and/or disabled, is an open invitation for adventuresome terrorists.

   The confluence of events demands that our Border with Mexico immediately be closed and sealed. Whatever resources and assets necessary to accomplish this should immediately be mustered. If the federal government continues to refuse to take the action necessary to enforce the law and keep America safe, the governors of the border states, with the material assistance of other states not on the Border, should do what is necessary to close and seal the Southern Border.

   Security at our Nation’s other borders should be enhanced.

   We are in perilous times

Ray Hunkins, a Marine and former law enforcement officer, lives on the Border part of the year and is retired.

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Ray Hunkins