C.J. Box’s “Dark Sky” Is One Of Stephen King’s Favorite Summer Reads

Box's latest Joe Pickett novel, "Dark Sky," was named as one of King's favorite summer reads of this year on an Amazon list.

Ellen Fike

August 04, 20212 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Famed author Stephen King hasn’t been shy about his praise for C.J. Box’s work, but he made it official this week with a mention of Box’s latest book on a list of his favorite summer reading material.

Box’s latest Joe Pickett novel, “Dark Sky,” was named as one of King’s favorite summer reads of the year on an list published by Amazon list.

“You may have seen Big Sky on TV, the excellent adaptation of Box’s Highway Trilogy,” King wrote. “Those three books are good, but this one, featuring game warden Joe Pickett, is even better. Stuck with the job of babysitting a tech mogul who wants a hunting experience, the hunt for big-game elk turns into a pulse-pounding chase story you won’t be able to put down.”

“Dark Sky” was one of four picks by the horror author.

Box was pretty excited about the news, sharing the list on his social media account on Wednesday.

“Guess what made the list of one of the great Stephen King’s favorite summer reads? Pretty cool. Thanks Mr. King!” Box wrote.

King said last fall that “Big Sky” was one of his favorite shows on TV.

“I think BIG SKY (ABC) is the best drama on network television,” King wrote on his Twitter account. “With the last three episodes, it’s tiptoeing into Emmy territory.”

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Ellen Fike