Powell Couple Rescued After Being Stranded In Big Horn Mountains For 9 Days

A Powell couple were rescued on Monday after becoming stranded in the Big Horn Mountains more than a week ago, according to the Big Horn County Sheriff's Office.

Ellen Fike

July 29, 20212 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

After spending more than a week stranded in the Big Horn Mountains, a Powell couple was rescued on Monday by officers with the Big Horn County Sheriff’s Office assisted by the Wyoming Air National Guard.

The unidentified couple left the Porcupine Falls area on July 18, but ran out of food and water and one of the two began experiencing medical problems. They tried hiking off of the Little Mountain area toward the road, but due to the heat and lack of water, they became dehydrated.

Late Monday afternoon, the couple was able to get cell phone service and contact the Big Horn County Sheriff’s Office to request assistance.

They were stranded on a rim rock cliff area in Simmons Canyon and unable to move up or down due to the steep terrain.

Two search and rescue units were deployed to the area and made contact with the victims after a rapid ascent.

Due to their exhaustion, dehydration and medical conditions, the couple could not be moved. One was also badly sunburned.

Rescue personnel brought food, water and medical supplies in order to care for them through the night.

The Wyoming Air National Guard from Cheyenne arrived Tuesday morning to remove the couple from the canyon and take them to an ambulance on a nearby highway. At this time, it is expected the two will make a full recovery.

“With the hot and dry temperatures we want to remind everybody to be extremely cautious during this time and make sure they have plenty of water, sun screen, and clothing to protect them from the extreme heat elements,” the sheriff’s office said.

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Ellen Fike