Teton County Search and Rescue Saves Two Hikers Friday Night

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

Teton County Search and Rescue officers had a busy start to their weekend, spending Friday night looking for two different groups of hikers reported as returning home late.

Both search efforts ended with the hikers found safe.

On Friday night, an Idaho Falls man called to report his sister and her two daughters were late returning from Darby Canyon. They had planned to hike up to the Wind Cave, enter partway and then come back out.

The woman and her daughters were five hours late returning home when the man called.

A Teton County Search and Rescue member living in Teton County responded to the trailhead and found the trio at their vehicle. Their hike took longer than anticipated and all were safe and OK.

Another call was made at around 11 p.m. Friday, when a woman reported her sister and brother-in-law were overdue in returning from a hike at Table Mountain and could be lost.

Search and Rescue sent two teams out, one up the Face Trail and another up the North Teton Trail. The volunteers arrived at the trailhead around 1 a.m. and set out on the search.

Around an hour later, the team on North Teton Trail found the missing hikers, who were unhurt, but relieved to see help arrive.

The volunteers escorted the hikers back to the trailhead.

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