‘Restaurant: Impossible’ Eyeing Cheyenne Locations To Remodel, Improve

A Food Network television show is currently scouting possible restaurant locations in Cheyenne.

Ellen Fike

July 16, 20212 min read

(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

A Food Network television show that visits and upgrades locally owned restaurants is scouting possible locations in Cheyenne.

A casting associate from the series “Restaurant: Impossible” posted in a Cheyenne social media group on Friday, looking for suggestions of struggling restaurants in Cheyenne that need help with improvements

“Are you a restaurant owner who can use help OR do you know one?!” casting associate Joy Wingard wrote in the group. “If so, please comment below or email me at jwingard@levitylive.com We want to give a deserving restaurant a lifeline. (Looking only for independent restaurants, not chains or franchises.)”

In the show, Chef Robert Irvine renovates and revamps failing restaurants in two days with a budget of $10,000. It’s comparable to the reality series “Kitchen Nightmares,” hosted by chef Gordon Ramsay.

Usually, Irvine and his team buy new decor for the restaurant, redesign and slim down the menu and improve the quality of the dishes.

Suggestions for possible restaurants on the social media post included the Luxury Diner, T-Joe’s, the Diamond Horseshoe Cafe and Twin Dragon.

This isn’t the team’s first visit to Wyoming. Last summer, Irvine and the crew remodeled and filmed at The Emporium in Hawk Springs, population 45.

At the time, The Emporium described itself as having a “rustic atmosphere that contains historic and unique decor.” Its menu features western staples such as Rocky Mountain Oysters, chicken fried steak, hamburgers and flat iron steak in addition to higher-end offerings such as osso bucco and ribeye.

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Ellen Fike