Woman Rescued By Helicopter After Horse “Ejected” Her Down Park County Canyon

A woman was rescued in Park County last week after being thrown from her horse while out riding with her family.

Ellen Fike

June 30, 20212 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

A woman was rescued and airlifted to a hospital in Park County when a horse bucked her off into a steep and rocky canyon.

The woman has been horseback riding with her family on June 23 when she was “ejected” from her horse in a steep and rocky canyon. She appeared to have a closed head injury and a possibly broken pelvis.

The Big Horn County and Park County search and rescue teams, along with Cody Regional Health, assisted with the retrieval of the woman.

Once team reached her, she was treated at the scene Cody Regional Health employees, then she was placed on a wheeled bed and transported out of the canyon.

Due to an area of the trail that was exceedingly rocky and steep the Search and Rescue Teams used a rope belay system to ensure a safe decent.

A rope belay system acts as a brake on the rope by using friction. The tension on the rope helps protect the climbers, and if someone falls, they won’t fall very far.

Once the woman was successfully removed from the canyon, she was transported via helicopter to Billings. No further information on her condition is known at this time.

“The ability for so many agencies to come together and work as one team provides for a much safer environment for everyone,” search and rescue coordinator Bill Brown said.

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Ellen Fike