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SPONSORED CONTENT: Lately, Bill Sniffins coffee table books about Wyoming have been selling to unusual customers

Annaliese Wiederspahn

June 20, 20212 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Lately, Bill Sniffin’s coffee table books about Wyoming have been selling to unusual customers:  First, a school district bought 140 books (Wyoming at 125)  to give to its students in younger grades wanting to learn about Wyoming history.  This book is crammed with photos, maps, flags, and stories about the state starting with dinosaurs and leading up the present.

Sniffin’s first coffee table book (Wyoming’s 7 Greatest Natural Wonders) recent saw its purchase by several businesses wanting to promote itself to its best customers.  The sale of 100 to 200 books at a time worked well.  It is possible to purchase special promotional stickers to put on the covers, as well. 

Over 34,000 copies of Bill Sniffin’s Wyoming-themed coffee table books have been sold over the past eight years.  One edition is sold out but the two other books are available for purchase.

Wyoming at 125, Our Place in the West is the official book of the state’s 125th celebration of statehood. It contains more than 50 historical photos that were colorized and computer improved. This book tracks Wyoming’s history. It is $39.95 plus tax and shipping.

Wyoming’s 7 Greatest Natural Wonders is the first book of the series and includes extensive photo features of the state’s seven great “natural” wonders:  Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Devils Tower National Monument, South Pass, the Red Desert, Thermopolis Hot Springs, and the North Platte River system plus other amazing Wyoming sights and sites.  It is priced at $39.95 plus tax and shipping.

The third book in the series, My Wyoming, is virtually sold out but a few copies remain.  This book features wildlife and unique Wyoming events like Frontier Days. It can only be purchased as part of the Wyoming Trilogy, which includes all three books plus an attractive gift box. It is priced at $125 plus tax and shipping. Supplies are limited so act fast before this item becomes unavailable.

Go to www.wyomingwonders.com to place your order or send inquiries to Wyoming Wonders, Box 900, Lander, WY 82520 or to bsniffin@wyoming.com.

Bulk orders can be arranged for businesses or schools or groups that want to buy quantities of the books to give to customers or friends or family.  Just email bsniffin@wyoming.com.

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