Bear Breaks Into Car, Spends An Hour Inside With Case of Beer

A Colorado bear broke into a car that had a case of beer in it and stayed there for more than an hour.

Jimmy Orr

June 16, 20212 min read

Bear beer

A Colorado driver is mourning the loss of his car on Tuesday after a bear destroyed it.

Apparently the bear found what was inside of the car in Larkspur, Colorado attractive and broke in to get it.

That something might have been the case of beer in the backseat.

Whatever it was, authorities say the bear stayed in the vehicle for at least an hour before exiting.

The episode gave wildlife officials another opportunity to remind the public to remove bear attractants — including beer — from their vehicles.

“Unfortunately these photos serve as a reminder that if you are in bear country, you need to lock your car doors & keep it clean of all attractants,” a representative from Colorado Parks and Wildlife said.

No word on whether the bear guzzled all 24 cans of beer but authorities say at least 20 of the beers were consumed.

It wouldn’t be the first time a Colorado bear got hammered.  Back in 2006, a drunk bear was filmed stumbling near an elementary school near Lyons, Colorado.

Officers ended up tranquilizing the bear. Media reports said the bear “slept it off” before stumbling back to the wilderness — like a bear version of “Otis the town drunk.”

Authorities say bears broke into cars 484 times between 2019-20.

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