Casper Couple Has Gender Reveal Party With No Catastrophic Ending

Unlike many gender reveal parties, a Casper couple had a successful event without anyone losing a limb or being hospitalized.

May 18, 20212 min read

Shark vs unicorn
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Gender reveal parties are all the rage these days despite some getting out of control ending up with explosions, fatalities, and other carnage.

The goal, of course, is to have a good time without losing limbs. And the more creative, the better.

Credit one couple in Casper for not only being creative but not having to call an ambulance.

Tyler Muckley and Amber Owens wanted to do something out of the ordinary because, as Muckley told Cowboy State Daily, this was the only such event they are likely to have.

“We only are planning one kiddo,” Muckley said. “So why not go out with a bang?”

Muckley said his girlfriend was the mastermind behind the idea of having two people dressed up as inflatable creatures bashing each other senseless until one fell over. The color of the creature left standing identified the gender.

The boxing match lasted over 90 seconds, music from the Rocky soundtrack blaring and mixing with the cheers of friends rooting the blue shark and the pink unicorn on.

“My girlfriend knew the gender but I didn’t,” Muckley said. “I wanted to be surprised.”

Toward the end of the match, the blue shark looked winded as the pink unicorn kept landing punch after punch.

Then in a stunning turnaround perhaps only rivaled by Rocky Balboa’s comeback in Rocky II, the blue shark rallied and landed a staggering haymaker that knocked the pink unicorn cold (plus the shark pushed him over).

Blue smoke bombs went off and a carnival atmosphere erupted. 

“I was going for the shark,” Muckley said. “I wanted a boy. So I was definitely going for the shark.”

The future father said he was worried when the pink unicorn had the shark cornered but didn’t give up hope.

“It was the perfect ending,” Muckley said.

The couple said they’ve had great reactions to the celebration and many of their friends are planning similar gender reveal parties — also without the loss of limbs.

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