Man Who Hit Golf Balls in Yellowstone Committed Illegal Act; Park Service Investigating

A man who is trying to hit a golf ball in every state committed an illegal act and is under investigation for hitting golf balls in Yellowstone National Park.

Jimmy Orr

April 30, 20212 min read

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There are places where you can legally hit a golf ball and there are places where legally you cannot. 

Put Yellowstone National Park in the latter category.

And now a man who is attempting to hit a golf ball in every state is in trouble for trying to turn the country’s first national park into a driving range.

Jake Adams, a self-described standup comedian and golfer, was nearing the end of his quest (state number 45) when he decided to choose Yellowstone National Park as the place for his golf shot in Wyoming.

Unfortunately, hitting a golf ball in a national park is not allowed. In fact, it’s illegal.

When criticized — repeatedly by people on his Instagram account for his shot selection — Adams defended it by saying his golf balls were biodegradable.

Makes no difference. It was an irresponsible and illegal decision, according to the National Park Service.

“The individual who recently was captured on video hitting golf balls in Yellowstone National Park showed a lack of judgment and common sense,” Linda Veress, public affairs specialist with Yellowstone National Park, told Cowboy State Daily. “He violated regulations designed to preserve Yellowstone and protect the experience of other visitors.”

“The National Park Service is investigating this illegal act, and we ask that visitors assist us by following park regulations and notifying park rangers of any illegal behavior they observe,” she added.

Veress was quite polite compared to many of the commenters on his Instagram page.

“Wow good job littering a-hole. Hope you get banned from Yellowstone,” wrote ZimKnives.

This isn’t the first time people have gotten in trouble for treating a national park like a golf course.

Just last year, the former head of concessions at Yosemite National Park was fired immediately after a video surfaced of him hitting balls in a meadow at Yosemite.

As for the incident in Yellowstone, park officials are urging visitors heed the law.

“Since we expect record levels of visitation in 2021, following park regulations is more important than ever,” Veress said.

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