Idaho Newscaster Becomes Meme After Accidental Tweet

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

An Idaho newscaster has become internet famous after his TV station sent a not quite completed tweet this week.

Mark Johnson, an anchor at KTVB 7 in Boise, Idaho, has now become a popular meme (a humorous image passed around rapidly online) due to an unintentional tweet sent out by his news station Tuesday night.

The tweet said simply: “Mark Johnson” and had a link to his bio on the KTVB website. There was no other context, no other information, just Johnson and his biography.

As of Friday afternoon, the tweet had garnered almost 19,000 likes and more than 3,000 retweets.

Of course, people love weird things online, so this incomplete tweet took off.

Johnson explained during a segment this week that he updated his bio to include information about his new grandchild and other events in his life he wanted to share. The station’s web team posted the update online, which meant it was shared on Twitter, as well.

“My phone blew up from friends around the country who watched it unfold,” Johnson said.

He noted that while he didn’t understand why this one tweet managed to go viral, he was grateful to provide a little bit of laughter and diversion from the pandemic.

Johnson signed off from his segment in a comical way, looking into the camera and saying, “Mark Johnson.”

Idaho Gov. Brad Little even joined in on the joke, posting a tweet with an image saying that Idaho would always stand up for the Mark Johnsons of the world.

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