Cheney: Our Adversaries Are Testing the Biden Administration

Cheney said adversaries of the U.S. are testing the Biden administration for weakness. She said they need to know that the U.S. has the will & capacity to defend itself.

Ellen Fike

April 20, 20212 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney continued her criticism of President Joe Biden’s approach to national security on Tuesday, saying the administration has performed poorly in response to tests by America’s adversaries.

On Tuesday morning, during a news conference with other Republican U.S. House leaders, Cheney addressed her concerns about the administrtaion’s national security skills.

“Our adversaries are testing this new administration,” Cheney said during the news conference. “Whether you’re talking about what’s happening in Russia…whether you’re talking about about what’s happening with the Chinese government…around the globe we’re watching as our adversaries test us, as our adversaries threaten us and so far, the Biden Administration has been lacking, sadly, in its response.”

Cheney has previously been outspoken about her distrust of China and how the U.S. has an unstable relationship with the country.

Among other things, Cheney has spoken out against Disney working with China to film the live action “Mulan” remake, and has criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for not being more assertive in dealing with about U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, who unknowingly had connections to a Chinese spy.

Cheney has even suggested that the United States not participate in the Beijing Olympics in 2022.

During Tuesday’s conference, Cheney said the country needs to be able to show strength in the face of challenges.

“Our adversaries need to know that we have the will and the capacity to defend ourselves, that is the only way to deter the kind of threat that we see,” she said. “We in the House Republicans are absolutely dedicated, committed to ensuring that we do our part in terms of oversight, in terms of highlighting the extent to which we know that a military that is second to none and a strong relationship with our allies – those two things are very important for us to be able to defend ourselves.

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Ellen Fike