Trump Calls Cheney “Crazy”; Bouchard Urges Other Candidates To Stay Out of Race

Former President Trump on Wednesday said Liz Cheney was "crazy" and he would be endorsing someone "soon" to run against her.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

April 15, 20212 min read

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By Jimmy Orr, Cowboy State Daily

Using a moniker he reserved most recently to describe U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, former President Trump on Wednesday called Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney “crazy” in announcing he would be endorsing someone “soon” to run against her.

In a statement, Trump said: ”So many people are looking to run against Crazy Liz Cheney — but we only want one.”

“She is so far down in Wyoming polls that the only way she can win is numerous candidates running against her and splitting the vote,” he said. “Hopefully, that won’t happen. I’ll make an Endorsement soon!”

Trump’s statement was issued after Cheney’s announcement earlier in the day that her campaign broke all prior quarterly fundraising efforts with a haul of over $1.5 million dollars, with at least $1 million of that coming from individual donors.

Cheney political consultant Kevin Seifert told Cowboy State Daily that the increase in fundraising is due to her “effective, principled leadership.”

“Liz is standing up for the Constitution and standing up to the Biden Administration’s partisan overreach, so it’s no surprise her approach is resonating in the form of increased donations,” Seifert said.

Following Cheney’s announcement, State Sen. Anthony Bouchard issued a press release urging others to stay out of the congressional race touting his own first quarter fundraising numbers.

“Others considering this race should look at joining my campaign now rather than splitting the anti-Cheney vote — exactly what our enemies want,” Bouchard said. “Right now there’s only one candidate against Cheney who is taking this campaign seriously and that’s me.”

Bouchard said his campaign raised $334,370 this quarter from all 50 states.

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Annaliese Wiederspahn

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