Man Crams 300 Pounds of Marijuana in Car & Tries to Transport it Across Wyoming; Fails Miserably

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By Jimmy Orr, Cowboy State Daily

If there were a criminal’s handbook, you would think there would be a chapter on the strategy of trying to outwit drug-sniffing dogs.

Especially if you’ve crammed 300 pounds of marijuana into your car.

Unfortunately for one unnamed individual who was stopped at the Sapp Brothers Truck Stop in Laramie County, neither the handbook nor the chapter exists.

Also, unfortunately for this individual, Laramie County Sheriff’s K9 Arie didn’t have a cold.

All Arie had to do was walk around the car and conduct a “free air sniff” when he knew he wasn’t dealing with some small timer like Jeff Spicoli in a van.

Instead, the ensuing search yielded 11 giant identical duffel bags all packed the same way and full of pot — totaling some 296.5 pounds.

It wasn’t like the suspect didn’t try to hide the smell. He wasn’t smoking a 13-pound burrito-looking joint like Cheech and Chong did in the movie “Up In Smoke.”

He wrapped the marijuana in heat-sealed plastic packaging and odor resistant bags.

But it wasn’t a thorough job. The public information officer for the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office said the suspect was sloppy.

“Even though the dope was in heat-sealed plastic packaging, there was loose marijuana under the packaging,” Deputy Jeffery Barnes told Cowboy State Daily.

“Arie hit on the driver’s side door almost immediately after Deputy Grimm got him out of the patrol vehicle,” Barnes said.

Then it was picture time. The suspect got a free mugshot and accommodations provided by the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office. 

Arie, on the other hand, posed triumphantly in front of the 300 pounds of weed and then was rewarded with a ball.

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