Drunk Man Puts Drunk Friend in Bucket of Stolen Front-End Loader And Drives To Hospital; Gets Arrested

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By Jimmy Orr, Cowboy State Daily

If there were a criminal’s handbook, you would think there would be a section on Driving Under the Influence and why it’s not advisable to do so. 

Especially if you’re driving a stolen front-end-loader with your drunk friend in the bucket and your license has been revoked for 15 years because you’ve had three prior DUIs.

Unfortunately for Lincoln, Nebraska resident Jordan Evans that handbook nor the chapter exists.

For Evans, it was not a pleasant way to end the day. If anything, his evening sounded like a scene from the movie “The Hangover” — except that he didn’t get away with anything.

According to reports, Evans was just taking his 40-year-old friend to the emergency room because he was injured.

Problem is, Evans was drunk and the method of travel he chose was a front-end-loader that he didn’t own. And he put his injured friend in the bucket — which kind of draws attention to yourself.

Then there was the problem of parking. Once Evans pulled up to the ambulance bay and dropped his friend off, he left the front-end loader there.

That blocked ambulances from getting in which meant the hospital called the police.

When the police arrived, they found a bottle of booze in the front-end loader and the inebriated Evans.

Unable to explain his way out of anything, Evans was charged with felony theft, a fourth-offense DUI, and driving during a 15-year license revocation.

All requests for dashcam footage of the conversation between Evans and the police officers were sadly ignored.

Evans, of course, is innocent until proven guilty.

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