Man Attempts to Elude Law Enforcement By Driving Through Oozing Mud-Filled Field; Fails Spectacularly

A Wyoming man failed spectacularly in his attempt to elude law enforcement when he thought driving through a mud-laden field was a better escape route than a paved highway.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

March 31, 20212 min read

Mud jeep

By Jimmy Orr, Cowboy State Daily

If there were a criminal’s handbook, there should be a chapter on the strategy of trying to elude law enforcement by exiting a paved road and then attempting to drive through an ocean of mud.

Sadly for a yet-to-be-named driver who was arrested in the middle of a field near Douglas on Monday, that handbook and chapter do not exist.

Not that the driver would have a better outcome either way, but when the Wyoming terrain is considered — especially in early spring — there are obstacles to overcome when pursuing freedom. 

Snow and mud, which are in plentiful supply this time of year, generally are not helpful for fleeing suspects.

In this case, the area had recently received nearly 3 feet of snow, and warm weekend temperatures had turned the fields into oozing sinkholes of sludge.

This particular driver, who was suspected of drunk driving, didn’t seem to grasp his surroundings when being pursued on Interstate 25 by the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

Preferring not to pull over when a trooper made the request, the suspect opted to cross the median and drive down the wrong way of the Interstate before hopping onto State Highway 26.

Near Dwyer Road, the suspect employed the leave-the-paved-road-and-try-driving-through-a-mud-filled-black-hole strategy.

Upon immediately getting his car stuck in the mud, the suspect thought he might have better luck if he took off on foot — in the mud.

Upon immediately getting tackled in the mud, the suspect was subsequently arrested.

During the arrest, the suspect added a guaranteed felony charge to his laundry list of charges by trying — unsuccessfully — to disarm the trooper.

Of course, the suspect is considered innocent until proven guilty.

Due to this incident’s nature, the Division of Criminal Investigation has been requested to assist with this investigation. As with standard practice, the troopers involved have been placed on administrative leave pending the ongoing investigation.

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