Doug Camblin: Republican Party Must Work Together To Avoid Socialism

Guest columnist Doug Camblin writes: "Any movement that solicits your support that resorts to grading how Republican you are is not working as a team and not helping achieve our end goal."

Annaliese Wiederspahn

February 22, 20213 min read

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I have some thoughts on our Republican Party. The Republican Party is the party that has historically brought forth the most positive profound changes to our Great Nation.

The list is to long to mention them all but fighting to end slavery, promoting civil rights, building a strong military, ending our involvement in Vietnam, and building a robust economy under President Reagan, the Bush’s and yes President Trump are worthy of mention, the Republican model has helped make the United States the fantastic nation it is today.

The Party is facing difficult times and I have no doubt we will once again rise to the challenge. I believe we are still operating under a Big Tent.

We are hearing debates from the full spectrum of Republican opinion. In any vigorous debate all sides are trying to convince the others that their argument is the right way and we all should follow their lead, that their course of action is the best way to achieve the end goal.

The tried and true method of teamwork is the only way to grasping the prized championship ring. 

Directing our energy at the opposition, which in our 2 party system is the Democrat party, is vitally important to keeping our Constitutional Republic viable.

Without our Party working to together as a cohesive unit we are in danger of slipping into a socialist style of government. In reality we already have many forms of socialism working in our society and government today.

I will encourage everybody to work together in a respectful manner. I encourage all Republicans to shy away from any movement that tries to degrade and downsize our party by hateful rhetoric and name calling.

Any movement that solicits your support that resorts to grading how Republican you are is not working as a team and not helping achieve our end goal. 

My personal goal is to support and elect intelligent individuals to local, state and federal positions. Individuals who have the ability to understand how our complicated system works.

Individuals who understand the importance of Laws and are willing to follow them. Without Law there is Chaos. We are very close to Chaos in our Country and Party today.

The policies of the last for years have been fantastic. The economy was the strongest in history, Records were set and broken repeatedly. We need to continue to support and implement those policies today. We need to focus on policy not personality.

Policies are what change directions and creates economic growth. Personalities come and go. Personalities are subject to human frailties. 

Teamwork, We need team leaders that will be independent enough to not be lead off in the direction of fringe elements.

Leaders who are strong enough to see the importance of the pendulum hanging in the middle. Finally leaders who can listen to all sides and make decisions that are best for the whole of our society.

Camblin is a rancher, small businessman, and precinct-man for the Republican Central Committee in Campbell County. He is one of the founders of the Frontier Republicans.

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