Becky Costantino: GOP Central Committee Does Not Speak For All Republicans

Former Chairman of the Wyoming GOP Becky Costantino writes: "When Rep. Cheney has disagreed with President Trump, she has been strong and courageous enough to vote her conscience."

Annaliese Wiederspahn

February 12, 20212 min read

Becky costantino
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

By Becky Costantino, guest columnist
Costantino was Wyoming’s Republican State Chairman from 1999 – 2003

The Wyoming Republican Central Committee voted to censure Rep. Liz Cheney for her vote to impeach President Trump.

Recent social media posts, letters to the editor, and interviews appear to speak for all Wyoming Republicans. They do not speak for me. 

This Wyoming Republican Party and State Central Committee do not represent my views and experience. They were elected or appointed by a minority of registered Republicans in the state. There are Republicans in Wyoming who believe as they do. Many others do not. 

Many Republicans, including myself, are frustrated and disappointed with the results of the November Presidential election. I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and again in 2020.

I was surprised when he won in 2016 and not surprised he lost in 2020. I wanted him to be re-elected and to carry on the successful policies he’d put in place for our country, but he was not.  

I am horrified by the January 6 march and assault on the Capitol. What has happened since then has seriously split the Republican Party.  The State GOP’s vote to censure Rep Liz Cheney isn’t helping resolve the division within the party.

Rep. Cheney has worked hard for Wyoming and represented us well in her four years in Congress. She will continue to do so. She has reached a position of leadership and influence in the US House. 

During this time she has voted with President Trump 90% of the time, but she has voted for Wyoming interests 100% of the time.  

When Rep. Cheney has disagreed with President Trump, she has been strong and courageous enough to vote her conscience.  I believe she voted her conscience again when she voted for his impeachment.

I am confident Rep. Cheney will continue to work hard for Wyoming and support policies for our benefit.

It is wrong to try to remove her from office because of anger over one vote taken during an emotional and volatile time for the entire country. She is in the right place at the right time for Wyoming. 

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