Letter to the Editor: Is It Time for Barrasso & Cheney to Leave Congress?

"Both Senator Barrasso and Representative Cheney need to make a decision: either step down so they can be replaced by someone who represents the values of Wyomingites or walk across the aisle to the Democrats where their decisions will make sense."

January 15, 20215 min read

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By Steven D. Kahne, Colonel, USAF, Retired, Pinedale

Let me begin by stating that I am a life-long conservative and Republican.  Unfortunately, the two don’t go together all the time today.

Over the past few months, I have written to both Senator Barrasso and Representative Cheney on email and/or snail mail.  I received an email response from the Senator’s office, and it was clearly written by a staffer.  As for the Representative, I have not received a single response from my letter and several emails even though I requested her to respond.

In my email to Senator Barrasso, I begged him to support the stand against the Electoral College vote as it favored Vice President Biden, but not because of that. 

The Electoral College vote was based on enormous amounts of fraud that cannot be denied by anyone unless they are deaf and blind.  I certainly am not disparaging anyone who is deaf or blind, but the fact remains that thousands of affidavits, scientists, statisticians, poll watchers, poll workers, and videos (such as that from Georgia) could not all be wrong. 

The Senator’s staffer’s response told me that the Electoral College had given Biden 306 votes, which put him well past the needed 270. 

The staffer went on to say that “I” (i.e., the Senator) believe every American’s vote is sacred.  I guess the additional 800,000 mail-in ballots that were counted in Pennsylvania that went beyond the 1.7 million they mailed out were also sacred. 

And the 200,000 votes that exceeded the number of registered voters in Pennsylvania were also sacred.  Even the Georgia ballots in the suitcases that were run through the Dominion voting machines three times each were all sacred.

A friend who has been part of the workings of the GOP in Wyoming for many years asked Senator Barrasso why he had voted for a particular bill that was damaging to the people of Wyoming. 

His response was stunning.  He said that he never has enough time to read all of the content of all the bills that come to the floor for a vote.  Therefore, he voted for the bill based on what he thought it was.  Really?  If you don’t know what the bill is about would it not be better to vote against it?  It can always be defeated and brought back later in another form.

Representative Cheney has taken every step to defame the President.  She stated publicly that the President just needed to show the evidence of election fraud or quit talking about it and concede. 

Maybe she was deaf and blind during all those weeks that evidence, or indicators of fraud that should have been investigated, were presented over and over in the news.  Or maybe she was only watching CNN, NBC, and the other media outlets that refuse to tell the truth.

Then the Representative stated that the President’s speech caused all the turmoil leading to the riot at the Capitol on January 6th.  Again, she opened her mouth before she knew the facts, showing that her only goal is to defame the President.  

If she had done just a few minutes of investigation, she would have known that the President’s remarks could not have been heard by the rioters of the Antifa and BLM thug variety since they were already at the Capitol starting their unrest, which lead to the hideous break in of the building and deaths. 

If she had waited for the facts, she would know that the people who started the riots were Antifa and BLM thugs who infiltrated the peaceful protest.  If she had waited, she would have seen photos of those who are known Antifa and BLM thugs who were in the crowd and the building. 

If she had waited, she would have seen videos of Trump supporters pulling Antifa and BLM thugs away from the windows and doors at the Capitol as the latter tried to vandalize the building to break in. 

If she had waited, she would have learned from law enforcement investigators that those who actually breached the building and caused the vandalism were Antifa and BLM thugs. 

But her hatred of the President drove her to speak out loudly and early…even though she was 100 percent wrong.

Then today [Wednesday], she followed through on her promise to vote for impeachment of the President.  Was her vote based on fact?  No.  It was all an emotional response because she has such incredible disdain for the President.

Both Senator Barrasso and Representative Cheney need to make a decision:  either step down so they can be replaced by someone who represents the values of Wyomingites or walk across the aisle to the Democrats where their decisions will make sense.

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