Dave Simpson: Still Thinking 2021 Will Be Better?

Cowboy State Daily columnist Dave Simpson writes: "How much damage can hordes of rioters swarming into the U.S. Capitol cause? Untold damage. Damage that will last for years."

Dave Simpson

January 12, 20214 min read

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How much damage can hordes of rioters swarming into the U.S. Capitol cause?

Untold damage.

Damage that will last for years.

And the damage of lending a full head of steam to the liberals who will soon be in control of both houses of Congress and the White House.

We sure didn’t need this.

So much damage, in fact, that the day after the rampage, the lead story on the front page of the Wall Street Journal wasn’t Democrats taking over control of the U.S. Senate, the result of two special elections in Georgia. No, that seismic story appeared “below the fold.”

On top: Hordes of rioters running through the halls of Congress, causing the loss of five lives, taking pictures of themselves acting like fools in the presiding officer’s chair in the Senate and at Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk, trashing offices, attacking Capitol police, and dishonoring the tens of millions of voters who supported Donald Trump and the things he did to make this country better.

And Trump? No less than the Wall Street Journal called on him to resign last week, because he told supporters at a huge White House rally to head to the Capitol and demonstrate, though he said “peacefully.”

Not realizing, I want to believe, that in any gathering of that size (hundreds of thousands), there will be some members of the lunatic fringe, prone to violence.

For that mistake alone there is little forgiveness for the president we supported through five years of withering, relentless attack from the left. Any thoughts of him one day returning to the White House, or remaining a power in conservative thought, are likely gone forever.

In an instant, the notion of asking questions about the conduct of the 2020 presidential election vanished.

You wondered why they stopped counting votes on election night in Georgia? That was a question that occurred to many of us before the attack on the Capitol.

Now, you’re a tin-foil-hat nut if you want to know what happened. Senators who had questions – Cruz, Hawley, others, and our new senator here in Wyoming, Cynthia Lummis –  are being accused of sedition for wanting to know. A letter to the editor in our local paper called for Lummis to resign.

You wondered about the effects of massive mail-in voting rushed through due to the Covid-19 pandemic? What, are you, crazy? You must be one of those nuts rampaging through the halls of Congress.

Those people who signed affidavits alleging voting irregularities? They all might as well be liars in the crazy aftermath of the assault on Congress. Nice job, rioting hordes. (The FBI is tracking them down, and handcuffs and prison time are richly deserved.)

Were there other groups, perhaps leftists, infiltrating the disastrous assault? We’ll probably never know, and even if there is an answer, the liberal media won’t report it and big tech will censor it.

What a gift to the liberals. All summer we heard that, no matter how much mayhem we witnessed, the mobs in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Washington and Kenosha were “largely peaceful demonstrators.”

The benefit of the doubt, in our vastly-liberal media, was bestowed on gatherings in which people died, buildings were torched, cars were burned, businesses were looted, and police officers were attacked with rocks, frozen water bottles, and industrial-grade fireworks.

And yet, have you heard the media describe the vast majority of those on hand to support Trump last week described as peaceful demonstrators? I haven’t.

These, remember, are the people who for the last five years left rally venues cleaner than they found them. These are people who, except for a crazy few, wouldn’t dream of smashing windows at the Capitol,  breaking into offices, assaulting officers, and behaving like lunatics. The rioters aren’t us.

What a horrible turn of events. Terrible damage was done to the interests of those who simply want a less-intrusive government, less debt, fewer regulations, reasonable taxes, and a country our grand kids can grow up in that bears any resemblance at all to the country we inherited.

How’s that “2021 has got to be better than 2020” deal working out for you?

Looks to me like 2021 might be even worse.

Heaven help us.

Dave Simpson can be contacted at davesimpson145@hotmail.com

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