Bill Schilling: Wyoming Leaders Should Call For Trump’s Removal

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By Bill Schilling, guest columnist

What took place at our nation’s capitol building this week was frightening. The belligerence of President Trump in urging a “march on the Capitol” is miles beyond what the Code of the West stands for—doing what is right.

There are all sorts of expressions of anger and action: news stories and columns; Facebook, Twitter, etc posts; world leaders questioning our democracy,  and citizens and neighbors just wanting closure.

When President Nixon faced impeachment he resigned with grace and solemnly left Washington.

I doubt President Trump will resign with grace, acknowledge mistakes, and leave Washington for his Florida home.

So what happens next, with time so short to the inauguration of President-Elect Biden? There is the Amendment 25 route, the impeachment route, or the “do nothing and wish all the turmoil will go away” route.           

Those elected members of Congress, especially Republicans, are in a bind. Ditto for Governors of the same party.

I have no doubt that a great many of them, in private, are saying the President has to resign for the sake of America’s dignity.

How strategic and right that would be, as it would open the door for the Vice President and Cabinet to push for the Amendment 25 option.

It would, additionally and most importantly, stem the we/they (Democrat/Republican) dynamic.

Maybe I am overly optimistic but those who have worked with me know I am solution oriented.

In this context, is it too much or unrealistic to ask our top elected leaders to step forward and clear the deck.            

Imagine a united message from Wyoming’s Governor, two US Senators, and US Representative calling for President Trump’s removal.

This message would carry weight, especially given WY’s strong Republican leanings.

The message could gain footage, but at a minimum it would say Wyoming leaders do honor the Code of the West.

Sometimes you just have to speak out to cleanse your soul. That time has come. I am just a concerned citizen. I stand by what I have written here.

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Bill Schilling is the former head of the Wyoming Business Alliance and Leadership Wyoming.