Black Hills Energy: Four Tips To Keep Your Gas Fireplace Running Safely And Efficiency All Season Long

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It’s dark and cold outside, but home is where you can find light and warmth. No matter what the day held – deadlines, shopping, shoveling the snow – here, the holiday spirit lives.

Whether you’re curling up at the end of the day to read a good book, finish a puzzle, or watch a holiday movie (we recommend the one with the account executive who returns to her home town and discovers true love), here are some tips to get your gas fireplace warmed up for the season.

Do some reading – We know reading a manual doesn’t sound like fun, but this is 2020 – what else do you have on your calendar? Each gas fireplace, stove or insert is unique, and knowing your specific unit’s operating information will help you keep it running safely and efficiently.

Change the batteries – Install fresh batteries in your gas fireplace receiver to make sure it’s ready as a backup in case you lose power. Now is also a good time to replace your carbon monoxide and smoke detector batteries. If your unit has a remote control, you may as well do that while you’re at it too. You’ll thank us when you don’t have to pause the movie to do it later (because who knows if the big city gal will be able to adapt to small town life and save Christmas!).

Review your safety tips – Always call your gas company if you smell gas. It’s also a good idea to bring in a professional if you notice that the flames are any color other than yellow or orange, or if you notice a lot of soot collecting on the fireplace components. And when you put up the Christmas tree, make sure to keep it at least 3 feet away from the fireplace.

Get an annual inspection and cleaning – Our licensed Service Guard technicians can identify issues like venting cracks or obstructions, corrosion and firebox damage. They can also check and clean the components, so you can get back to snuggling on the couch (make sure you have some tissues because * spoiler alert * she does save Christmas, but not before falling in love with – you guessed it – a local baker).

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