Dave Simpson: What If 2021 Is Even Worse?

The common belief is that if we can just get out of 2020, everything will be better in 2021. But, what if 2021 is even worse? What if 2020 was a walk in the park, a day at the beach, a cake walk, compared to 2021?

Dave Simpson

December 16, 20204 min read

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More swell thoughts as we limp our way through the final month of this rotten, colonoscopy of a year:

– The common belief is that if we can just get out of 2020, everything will be better in 2021. But, what if 2021 is even worse? What if 2020 was a walk in the park, a day at the beach, a cake walk, compared to 2021?

What if 2021 is so bad that we yearn nostalgically for the good old days of 2020, when all we had to do was hunker down in our basements, breathe through a mask that smelled like breakfast, listening to hypocrite politicians tell us to stay home while they fly off to Cabo San Lucas, and watching Joe Namath Medicare supplement ads on TV until we had every word memorized?

What if all that is much better than 2021? Have you thought about that, pal?

We’ll have a good idea if 2021 is a bigger stinker than 2020 if the people of Georgia hand us two more Democrats in the Senate, by hook or by crook, and we face a Supreme Court packed with additional lefty justices; a filibuster-free Senate where liberal bills will fly through like stuff through a goose; the end of Electoral College so that California and New York liberals elect our presidents from now on; and the new states of Puerto Rico and District of Columbia send us four more big-spending, freedom-squashing, gun-grabbing Democrats, ensuring liberal majorities into perpetuity.

Twenty twenty would look like the Good Old Days, and we would have Georgia to thank for it.

Merry Christmas, America.

– Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the nightmare Democrat Congresswoman from New York, sponsor of the hugely expensive “Green New Deal,” and leader of “The (loopy) Squad” in the House of Representatives, said last week that some of Joe Biden’s cabinet choices make her “skin crawl.”


Who says there’s no good news?

– On the early-morning CNBC stock market show “Squawk on the Street” two weeks ago, Obama Administration economic advisor Austin Goolsby said a new Covid-19 relief bill is unlikely before the special elections in January (see above) because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t want to pass any legislation that might help Democrats.

But, does that mean, host Joe Kernan asked, that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi can be blamed for blocking Covid-19 relief – by demanding too much spending – prior to the general election in November,  which could have helped Republicans?

No, Goolsby responded. That was McConnell’s fault, too.

At which point, Kernan and co-host Carl Quintanilla broke out LAUGHING.

We’re making progress, folks, when even people on an NBC station give a big horse laugh to partisan nonsense.

– How long after Inauguration Day before the nasty style magazines feature new First Lady Dr. Jill Biden on their covers, after four years of refusing to put Melania Trump – an actual fashion icon with years of international modeling experience – on their covers?

Out of pure spite for a Republican First Lady named Trump.

– How long before some caboose-kissing liberal reporter asks Joe Biden what he finds “most enchanting” about being president, like they asked President Barack Obama?


– Back when I was an editor, reporters didn’t get to brazenly call the claims of newsmakers “unfounded,” “baseless,” “debunked,” “without evidence,” or “lies.” No, reporters had to find someone else to say the claims of those in the news were unfounded, debunked, baseless, without evidence or lies. You couldn’t do it yourself.

Today, however, reporters like to slip it into their stories that Donald Trump’s claims of this or that are “without evidence,” or “lies.” My clock radio is set to NPR, and I hear unfounded, without evidence, lies, debunked and baseless all the time. And it’s not just NPR. It’s common in modern media.

(Where does one go, by the way, to get something debunked? Is there a Federal Department of Debunkitude? A Bureau of Bunk?)

If a reporter put this kind of editorializing in a story back when I was a mean, grumpy, time-strapped old editor, I’d have asked, not politely, “Is this your opinion, Skippy? Are you a newsmaker now? Who made you a newsmaker?”

I’d have snatched that reporter bald-headed.

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