Natrona County Legislator Says No More State Health Mandates

A Natrona County legislator has vehemently expressed his dislike of the new statewide mask mandate and has a plan to try and keep more like them from being implemented in the future.

Ellen Fike

December 14, 20201 min read

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A Natrona County legislator who opposes the new statewide mask mandate is working to prevent similar orders from being issued in the future.

Rep. Chuck Gray, R-Casper, said he opposes all health mandates because he feels the decision to wearing masks should be left to each person, not required by an order from a government official.

“I’m working on a bill that will stop the state health officer and Governor from being able to issue these unconstitutional, out of control, and arbitrary orders. The legislature needs to go into session,” Gray wrote on his public Facebook account.

It is not clear when the 2021 Wyoming legislative session will be held or how lawmakers will meet, with the coronavirus pandemic continuing across the country.

More than 300 Wyomingites have died from the virus.

Gray was one of the more than 30 Wyoming legislators who signed a letter last week asking Gov. Mark Gordon to have Wyoming join a lawsuit contesting the validity of some votes cast in the presidential election between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump.

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Ellen Fike