Campbell County Hospital Exceeds Room Capacity; Urges Community To Wear Masks & Social Distance

Campbell County hospital officials said they are trying to find more nurses, more equipment, and more beds to take care of the influx of patients.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

December 11, 20202 min read

Campbell county hospital scaled
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Officials at Campbell County Memorial Hospital on Friday announced that the hospital had exceeded room capacity due to Covid-19 patients and urged community members to help them by wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, and not going to gatherings with groups outside of immediate households.

Marie Edwards, RN, Campbell County Memorial Hospital Emergency Department director, and emergency physician Dr. Deanna Lassegard said the hospital was creating alternate care sites within the hospital to care for more COVID-19 patients.

“We have so many COVID-19 patients in the hospital that we have exceeded our current room capacity,” Edwards said.

To that end, she said hospital officials were also trying to find more nurses, more equipment, and more beds to cover the influx of patients.

“This is a very difficult time for us. We’re working long hours under extreme stress and in ways that we’re not used to,” Edwards said. “We ask for your patience and also for your support.”

Despite the overflow, Lassegard said if people are sick they should not delay in getting care from the emergency department or in other clinics stating that they have “processes in place to keep everyone safe.”

The doctor said that people can help by keeping themselves healthy in order to ease the strain on the hospital.

“Please wear a mask. Keep your distance from other people. Wash your hands. Don’t go to large gatherings with groups outside of your household,” she said.

“We know this is hard especially in the holiday season. But we need your help and caring for our community,” she said.

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