The Cowboy Bar in Meeteetse is Allegedly Haunted But We’d Like More Proof Please

A ghostbusting duo in Wyoming says the Cowboy Bar in Meeteetse is haunted. Maybe so, but we'd like more proof.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

December 01, 20203 min read

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Critics of the supernatural world might be more like the Craig T. Nelson character in the movie “Poltergeist.”

Normal guy who gets his life upended when he experiences the supernatural world first-hand.

And when he experiences it, he really experiences it.

Unlike the hapless ghostbusters who — until going to his California home — have lived in a world of theory.

No better scene differentiates the two worlds than when one of the ghostbusters brags about filming a toy car moving seven feet. It took the car seven hours to move.

“Of course, this would never register on the naked eye. But I have it recorded on a time-lapse camera. It’s fantastic,” the ‘scientist’ tells Nelson right before one of the greatest scenes in the movie.

A worn-out and barely patient Nelson opens the door to his child’s room where absolute chaos is erupting. The bed is spinning around by itself. Toys circle the room and one-by-one stop mid-air in front of the frightened spectators.  Except Nelson. He accepts it now.

We’re like Nelson.  We’ll accept that the famed Cowboy Bar in Meeteetse is haunted by cowboys of the past. We’d just like to have more proof.

Not that a cold bathroom or beeps on some machine isn’t interesting but it’s a lot like the Matchbox car. We want the spinning bedroom.

The Wyoming Area Spirit Posse on Tuesday uploaded a new video about their experiences in the Cowboy Bar and it’s fun to watch.

Don’t expect your mind to be blown, however. 

It’s somewhat typical of the onslaught of ghost detective shows out there.  Dimly lit rooms. Millennials. People asking for ghosts to say something. Lots of static. Beeps. Shaky cameras.

But — keeping the 80s theme going — as Clara Peller would say, “Where’s the Beef?”

Although there’s no beef really to be found, at least this group of ghostbusters didn’t take themselves too seriously.

They’re having fun.  They dressed-up like old-time cowboys. That includes fake mustaches.

What’s supposed to happen in the bar that’s haunted?

Bottles of booze are supposed to fall on the ground by themselves and not break. Ghosts are supposed to order steak (you can hear the order but no one is there). And there’s plenty of sounds like footsteps and voices.

It’s a fun idea and the behind-the-scenes coverage is located in this article from the Cody Enterprise.

Or you can check-out their new video here.

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