Lincoln County Attorney Confirms He Won’t Enforce Mask Mandate

Spencer Allred issued a statement last week through the Lincoln County Republican Party Facebook page on Friday that addressed the mandate, saying he wouldn't enforce it because of constitutional and logistical reasons.

Ellen Fike

November 23, 20202 min read

Mask required
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

The Lincoln County attorney confirmed late last week that his office will not be enforcing the county’s newly issued mask mandate.

Spencer Allred issued a statement on Friday through the Lincoln County Republican Party Facebook page that addressed the mandate, saying he wouldn’t enforce it for constitutional and logistical reasons.

“I believe that these decisions should ultimately be up to the duly elected legislative body, elected officials, and the Supreme Court,” Allred said in the post.

He said he understood the concerns of both those who support and oppose the mask mandate. He also expressed concern about the coronavirus pandemic and for those who are considered at-risk.

“While I do not believe that forcing individuals to wear a mask is the answer, I would ask that each of us, as fellow citizens and neighbors, try to be understanding and respect the rights and the health choices of others,” Allred said. “We are all fortunate to call Lincoln County our home. We have seen the divisions in our country over the last year deepen to the point that civility and respect are becoming a thing of the past.”

“I am confident that we in Lincoln County will continue to rise above that even if we have differing opinions,” he added.

This is the second Lincoln County official to speak out about the mask mandate. The local sheriff’s department also went on record last week, saying they wouldn’t enforce the mandate, but that private business owners had every right to enforce it in their stores.

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Ellen Fike