Barrasso Paints Apocalyptic Picture For U.S. Under Democrat-Ruled Senate

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U.S Sen. John Barrasso all but declared the U.S. doomed on Friday night when discussing the Georgia U.S. Senate runoffs and the possibility of the Republican Party losing control of the U.S. Senate.

Barrasso, appearing on Fox News, said if the Republicans became the minority as a result of the Georgia senate races, the makeup of Biden’s cabinet would be frightening — to say the least — for any Republican.

“Just think about Bernie Sanders being the Secretary of Labor and Elizabeth Warren as the Secretary of the Treasury and AOC as the Secretary of the EPA because that is what they want to do,” Barrasso said.

“We all heard Chuck Schumer make his claim ‘first we take Georgia, then we change America’ and that is scaring people all across the country because we know what that means.  We know that the far-left, liberal agenda would bring to America,” he said.

As proof, he mentioned Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ press conference on Friday where she said she was going to push a “Biden administration” further to the left.

“We have worked with the ‘Biden administration’ to secure commitment on a $2 trillion climate plan. Two trillion dollars. But we’re not gonna stop there. We’re not gonna stop with a piece of paper,” she said.

“So our demand here is to make sure that we keep this promise, that we follow through on a visionary, absolutely unprecedented $2 trillion plan,” she said.

Barrasso said if the Republicans lose the majority, a Biden administration would be able to push through increased taxes, the Green New Deal “where gasoline is $10 a gallon, a one-size-fits-all government run health care plan, and “people would come after our guns.”

“We cannot have this for America and that’s why it is so important to make sure that we hold the Senate in the majority in Georgia by winning those two seats in the special election on January 5,” he said.

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