Kanye Didn’t Win This Year (Maybe), But There’s Always Next Time

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

We haven’t checked in on the arguably most famous Wyoming resident Kanye West in a couple weeks, and we wanted to see how he was taking the presidential election.

Turns out, he’s fine, even though it would seem like he lost by a huge margin.

However, we still have a few weeks before the Electoral College delivers the final results, so West could possibly pull an upset win, but it’s unlikely.

He recently again teased another bid for the presidential seat in 2024, posting a photo of himself with the caption “KANYE 2024.” Seeing as it is 2020 and nothing surprises us anymore, we’re happy to just wait and see.

West has been touting a campaign for the highest seat in office for years, but finally announced his official run in the summer, after missing numerous deadlines to appear on ballots across the country for the primary.

He selected Wyoming preacher Michelle Tidball as his running mate.

West even received endorsements from high profile figures such as SpaceX/Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Chance the Rapper.

He didn’t appear on any ballots in the Wyoming primary or general elections, but West confirmed he voted for himself on Nov. 3, posting a video to Twitter, showing that he wrote in his own name in that space and submitting it.

There was no word on who he voted for when it came to the local races, such as Cody mayor or city council, but we are holding out hope West will come through as a write-in candidate for every open office in the town.

Hopefully no one sees a sad West walking around Cody. If you do, cheer him up.

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