Missing Carbon County Hunter’s Binoculars Found One Year Later

A missing Carbon County hunter's binoculars have been found more than a year after he went missing, but he is still gone.

Ellen Fike

November 10, 20202 min read

Strittmater scaled
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

A missing Carbon County hunter’s binoculars have been found more than a year after he went missing, but no sign of him has been found.

Mark A. Strittmater, 44 at the time of his disappearance, went missing in Medicine Bow National Forest during an early season snowstorm in October 2019 while hunting elk.

Multiple searches were conducted for him last year, but were called off after yielding no results.

A search last week did result in some new clues, but still no sign of the hunter himself.

According to a release from the Carbon County Sheriff’s Department, a hunter found Strittmater’s binoculars in late October, which led 11 searchers and a K-9 unit to search again for the missing hunter in the forest last week.

They went to the area where the binoculars were found, turning up “other items” believed to be Strimatter’s, but he was still not discovered during the search.

“The sheriff’s office will continue with the search efforts for the missing hunter in attempts to bring his family closure,” the release said.

This was the first search for Strittmater the sheriff’s department has held since the summer, when a team organized a three-day investigation to try and find him. Again, no new results were found.

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Ellen Fike