Former Laramie County GOP Chair Says Trump Could Still Win Election

A former Laramie County Republican Chairman says the media is trying to "brainwash" everyone into thinking Joe Biden won the election.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

November 10, 20204 min read

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Although President Bush, a Republican, has acknowledged that Joe Biden won the presidency and Wyoming’s Republican congressional delegation and Republican governor haven’t said anything at all about the election that would suggest Biden did not win, one former Republican Party chair in Wyoming hasn’t given up hope on President Trump.

Darin Smith, an attorney and former chair of the Laramie County Republican Party, said because of “massive systemic cheating” that went on during the election, the president could still win a second term.

Stating that he is “connected politically” Smith cautioned his Facebook followers not to be “brainwashed by the media” to believe that Biden actually won the election.

“It’s not over until the Supreme Court says it’s over,” Smith said in a video he posted on Sunday.  “Don’t be fooled. This election is far from over.”

Smith said Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania are all still in play and could all go to President Trump.

Arizona:  Smith said it was still a possibility as the votes are “breaking his way” and the results should be known by Tuesday.

Georgia: He said there appeared to be “massive fraud” in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. When the state goes to a recount, he said, the vote will favor Trump because the military votes aren’t in yet.

Nevada:  The people who run the elections should potentially go to jail, Smith said, because of “massive contributory negligence”. He said thousands of people voted illegally and there are still 58,000 ballots to be counted.

Pennsylvania: The United States Supreme Court, he said, will likely have no choice but to invalidate any vote that came in after election day because it’s not allowed constitutionally.  As a result, Trump should win there too, he said.

Michigan:  He didn’t say that Michigan could end up going for Trump but he did say that he didn’t believe the explanation that 138,000 votes counted late in the process — all went to Biden.  

Although the conservative columnist who originally brought this up said he was satisfied with the explanation that there was a typo by the election analysis firm Decision Desk HQ, Smith said he didn’t buy it.

“We’re not stupid,” Smith said.  “We know that’s not what happened. You can’t have 138,000 votes in a row for Joe Biden. We know something happened there.”

The firm explained:  “It was a simple error from a file created by the state that we ingested. DDHQ does not correct / amend / adjust any state provided file. The state noticed the error and produced an updated count. This happens on election nights and we expect other vote tabulators in MI experienced this error and corrected in real-time as we did.”

Smith said this issue was going to court.

He also said that some voting machines in Michigan were made by a company that “are connected” to both Sen. Diane Feinstein and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“I believe and I know that the majority of the people in this country believe that Donald Trump is the rightful winner of this election,” he said.  “It’s not over until we hear from the Supreme Court.”

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Annaliese Wiederspahn

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