Jimmy Orr: Wyoming’s Time-Change Bill Passed This Year; So Why Are We Moving Our Clocks Back?

Wyoming passed legislation this year that would opt us out of Daylight Saving Time. So why are we moving our clocks back?

Jimmy Orr

October 30, 20203 min read

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If you recall those ancient times before the pandemic, you might remember that legislation was passed that opted Wyoming out of, according to many people, one of the most horrible things humankind has ever created: Daylight Saving Time.

The bill, championed by Rep. Dan Laursen, passed both houses and was signed into law by Gov. Mark Gordon.

So why does Wyoming have to move its clock back? Why aren’t we like Arizona or Hawaii?

Because there was a slight hitch in the bill. 

And we don’t begrudge Laursen at all for his legislation. In fact, there are those who think he should be recognized as a national hero, he should be on every denomination of our currency, and should be put in both the Rock and Roll and the NFL Hall of Fame for his efforts.

The problem is that in order for Wyoming to opt-out of the twice yearly time-changing, four other western states would have to pass the same legislation.

That way it wouldn’t get too wacky when you drive from a neighboring state. Instead, it would make more sense if there were a block of states that recognized the insanity of changing times and all opted-out.

Understandable. Chances are the bill wouldn’t have passed if Laursen tried to do a Wyoming standalone bill. He’s been pushing this bill tirelessly like Sisyphus for five years.

And every year, the giant boulder smashed him into the ground. But he didn’t give up.

And finally this year, Dan got it done. Supporters believe he should have received a ticker tape parade.

Dan’s bill now gives a nudge to Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Utah.

It tells them, hey Wyoming did it. Join ‘em. 

“Jump in, the water’s fine,” as they say.

That, supporters say, is the genius of Dan. That’s Dan’s plan. That’s why Dan is The Man. He provided the other states cover.

All we gotta do now is get one of ‘em to pass the same bill next year. And then maybe two of ‘em in 2022.

And then the time-changing is over.

But what time do we pick?

Last year, Sen. Ogden Driskill said who cares if we’re on daylight time or standard time — just pick one and keep the clock there. That seems reasonable.

That’s why we’re in a standing mode although the bill passed.

Dan laid the groundwork for a momentous, historic, some would say magnificent thing to happen. Now we just need to be patient.

It’s not easy this year. After all, moving the clock back this year gives us one more hour of 2020.

Jimmy Orr is a Wyoming native who was on the masthead at the Los Angeles Times and the Christian Science Monitor as the Managing Editor, Digital. Orr served as a spokesman for the White House, directed digital strategy for President George W. Bush and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Orr co-founded Cowboy State Daily in January, 2018.

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Jimmy Orr

Executive Editor

A third-generation Wyomingite, Jimmy Orr is the executive editor and co-founder of Cowboy State Daily.