Newcastle Teens Hospitalized After Overdosing on Gummi Bears

Two Newcastle teenagers were flown down to Denver Children's Hospital after overdosing on marijuana-infused gummi bears.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

October 20, 20201 min read

Newcastle gummi scaled

Marijuana-infused gummi bears may look innocent enough but in the wrong hands, they can pose some serious health issues.

The wrong hands, in this instance, belonged to two Newcastle teenagers who reportedly overdosed on the gummies late Saturday night.

Their reactions were serious enough, according to media reports, that once the kids were admitted to the hospital in Newcastle, they were then flown down to Denver’s Children Hospital.

South Dakota TV station KOTA reported that the kids got the gummi bears from a family friend who purchased them from a Colorado pot store.

They were then transported up to Wyoming where the juveniles got ahold of them.

Newcastle Police Department Detective Michael Vaughn told the TV station that since marijuana has been legalized in Colorado, the emergency rooms have seen a big increase in patients.

“Emergency rooms in Colorado see 20 to 100 juveniles on Friday and Saturday nights that have overdosed.”

“So, people need to be aware of dosing restrictions and that juveniles should not consume or use the THC edibles, recreational THC or medical marijuana,” Vaughn said.

The conditions of the patients have not been released.

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Annaliese Wiederspahn

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