Yellowstone Asking People To Share Photo of Lost Dog To Reunite it With Family

Yellowstone National Park is asking people to share photos of this lost dog in hopes of reuniting it with its family.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

October 14, 20202 min read

Lost yellowstone dog

Credit the folks at Yellowstone National Park for not giving up and continuing to try to reunite a lost dog with its rightful family.

A lost dog was found by a couple in Yellowstone in late September and instead of letting it roam, they thought it might be safer in their hometown of Shelton, Washington.

So they took it back to their home and dropped it off at the dog pound.

Apparently, the dog is not chipped, doesn’t have a collar, and has no tags.

According to the pound, the dog is being fostered but is “lost and scared” so they are reaching out to the public and asking for people to share the photo in hopes that the dog’s owners are looking for their lost pal.

Although there are many offers to adopt the dog, they are asking folks to wait on that.

“For any adoption inquiries, please hold off on that and pray for a reunification for the time being. We will keep everyone updated,” they wrote.

The main Yellowstone National Park Facebook page is asking for help as well and is asking for as many people as possible to share photos of the dog.

“Please share this post to help locate her owner! If you have any information about this pup, please reach out to the City of Shelton Animal Control Department.”
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Annaliese Wiederspahn

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